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Atom bomb in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-02-24Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: bombbombingbombshellbombasticbombardmenthydrogen bombcombcombatMeaning: n. a nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission (splitting the nuclei of a heavy element like uranium 235 or plutonium 239) atom-bomb. v. bomb with atomic weapons. 
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1. The dropping of the first atom bomb marked a new epoch in warfare.
2. A fart is not an atom bomb....
3. Teller, of course, worked on the atom bomb and the H-bomb.
4. Then war intervened, Oppenheimer became involved in the atom bomb project, and he lost interest in gravitational collapse.
5. We could detonate a very small atom bomb in the vicinity of another.
6. Pretty small for an atom bomb, I would have thought. 4000 kilotons.
7. If the small atom bomb went up, so then would the hydrogen bomb.
8. They regarded the atom bomb as a monstrosity.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. One atom bomb can wipe out thousands of people.
10. An atom bomb would unbuild a city.
11. They exploded an atom bomb.
12. An atom bomb is triggered by a chain reaction.
13. Atom Bomb: An invention to end all inventions.
14. The first atom bomb was set off over Hiroshima.
15. The atom bomb is of catholic concern.
16. He didn't know that the atom bomb would work.
17. An atom bomb would destroy a city.
18. The trebuchet was arguably the atom bomb of the Middle Ages — a game-changing siege engine that could catapult projectiles over unprecedented distances and heights.
19. If China does not have atom bomb, bomb, won't have today's international influence and place.
20. But Harry Truman inherited two great wars, an atom bomb and an ally, Joseph Stalin, about to dishonor his commitments and enslave half of Europe.
21. It'said the implosion had the power of the atom bomb the US dropped on Nagasaki.
22. The burst of an atom bomb creates enormous radiation aloft.
23. If China does not have atom bomb, h-bomb(, won't have today's international influence and place.
24. The atom bomb is the offspring of the 20 th century physics.
25. Even a charge of conventional explosive in the vicinity of a small atom bomb would suffice.
26. This new law led to the Manhattan Project and the first atom bomb.
27. At the time, the C . I. A . publicly estimated that North Korea might already possess an atom bomb.
28. In late 2001, a month after the Sept. 11 attacks, the director of central intelligence told President George W. Bush of a secret warning that Al Qaeda had hidden an atom bomb in New York City.
29. In fact, as more and more nations and individuals militarize the online world, it seems downright likely that some major online atom bomb will detonate at some point in the near-future.
30. The tall tale has here, one may think ( as in the Nevada atom bomb ), reached its ultimate.
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