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At the mercy of in a sentence

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1. His life was at the mercy of the king.
2. The poor stationer was at the mercy of those from whom he borrowed money.
3. We were at the mercy of the weather.
4. We're at the mercy of the weather.
5. After the boat's motor failed, they were at the mercy of the weather.
6. The enemy were at the mercy of us.
7. Poor people are increasingly at the mercy of money-lenders.
8. Ordinary people are at the mercy of faceless bureaucrats.
9. I'm not going to put myself at the mercy of the bank.
10. Buildings are left to decay at the mercy of vandals and the weather.
11. He was at the mercy of the ebb and flow of public opinion.
12. Every man lives at the mercy of his inner self - his character - that is the master of his destiny. A positive character gives birth to a good destiny, while a negative character produces a bad destiny. Dr T.P.Chia 
13. At the mercy of this resentment, this hateful millstone envy of the Calibans of this world.
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14. I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them. Oscar Wilde 
15. We are at the mercy of our own detachment.
16. At the mercy of wild animals and insects and snakes and goodness knows what horrors!
17. Until it was developed, prawn hatcheries would remain at the mercy of factors beyond their control.
18. You are at the mercy of the man upstairs.
19. Ten miles straight up, at the mercy of bears(, leopards and tigers.
20. You aren't simply at the mercy of restaurateurs.
21. But like Jim, she soon found herself at the mercy of events.
22. He says you're at the mercy of the elements and you just go where the weather takes you.
23. No industrialist liked to put himself at the mercy of creditors.
24. People who need a place to live can often find themselves at the mercy of local property sharks.
25. That has left the impression that trade policy is at the mercy of adhoc decision-making by a variety of officials.
26. Britain faced the prospect of a winter without food and without energy, at the mercy of powerful unions and ineffective employers.
27. Once again Oliver is separated from his friends and left at the mercy of strangers.
28. Lily was humanity bound to duty, unable to choose, suffering, at the mercy of social ideals.
29. The jester in Notker's story conveys the anxiety of men at the mercy of the king's will.
30. In this country we can count our blessings that our children are not constantly at the mercy of these diseases.
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