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Spaceflight in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: flightflight pathflight attendantspacehighlightouter spacehyperspacespaceshipMeaning: n. a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere. 
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1) They began to start on a new spaceflight plan.
2) Aviation, spaceflight, war Industry and Automobile Industry.
3) China's first manned spaceflight was a complete success.
4) Spaceflight dropped off the front pages — though on Saturday, all will report the successful launching of the Atlantis, at 11:29 a.m. Eastern time Friday, two and a half minutes behind schedule.
5) Without doubt, prospective spin and spaceflight will be more close contact.
6) Except for spaceflight consortiums and nuclear insurance consortiums , no reinsurance company may join a coinsurance group.
7) With the development of spaceflight engineering, more and more micro - satellites have adopted propulsion system.
8) Despite providing no funds for human spaceflight, science minister Paul Drayson is optimistic that a British astronaut could one day walk on the moon.
9) I think enormous sums are wasted on manned spaceflight that continually crowd out science missions.
10) Human spaceflight gains $ 5.2 billion , but its situation is hardly to be envied either.
11) China's Department of aviation and spaceflight is striving to research, exploder, and generalize HLA .
12) In passing,[] we can note that one proposal for spaceflight is to use the pressure of photons from the Sun.
13) Shortly after it lifted off in September 1992, its booster rocket fired to break out of Earth orbit, and the fragility of spaceflight intruded.
14) Such safety-related questions loom large over the industry and inject a note of caution into any projected timetable for human spaceflight.
15) In the new century, impressive achievements have been scored in manned spaceflight and lunar probe projects.
16) The fine effect was gained to improve welding quality of a certain spaceflight igniter by the intelligent spot welding machine with waveform control.
17) The Ares rocket is tentatively scheduled to be in service by 2015 but an influential review of Nasa's human spaceflight programme has cast doubt on its future.
18) 21st century is an era of rapid advancement for avigation and spaceflight technology.
19) When we try to apply what we learn in spaceflight on the ground, it's almost like looking at time-lapse photography.
20) Not only in astronomy, but also in other sciences, like spaceflight, astrochemistry, astrobiology, even in philosophy, it plays an advance function.
21) Space chronobiology is a new discipline born from the development of manned spaceflight.
22) This research aimed at the fatalness for using liquid rocket propellant in our country spaceflight launch site, applied the principle of safe system engineering to analysis the dangerous factors.
23) Microwave telecommunication Station , Repeater, radar, electronic counterwork , aviation and spaceflight navigation(, etc.
24) Take a look back at 10 of the top spaceflight stories of 2007.
25) Poly(aryl ether)s and polyamides are known for their good thermal and mechanical properties, and widely used in aviation, spaceflight, electrical communication, adhesives.
26) Out of the seven original Mercury astronauts, three of them were selected as candidates for the first manned U.S. spaceflight: John Glenn, Gus Grissom and Shepard.
27) Shenzhou VII will be launched tonight, how do you comment on it and China's spaceflight development?
28) Microwave telecommunication, radar , electronic counterwork , aviation and spaceflight , navigation, etc.
29) Flake graphite materials are applied widely in the field of metallurgy, mechanism, electronics, national defence and spaceflight due to their excellent properties of physics, chemistry and mechanism.
30) A squirrel monkey, his body swathed in protective silicon rubber padding, is strapped into a capsule as part of a training exercise for spaceflight.
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