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Elude in a sentence

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Sentence count:52+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-07Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: avoiddodgeescapeevademissSimilar words: includeexcludeconcludeconcludedreluctanthallelujahincludingludicrousMeaning: [ɪ'luːd]  v. 1. escape, either physically or mentally 2. be incomprehensible to; escape understanding by 3. avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues). 
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1. The gold medal continues to elude her.
2. He managed to elude his pursuers by escaping into a river.
3. The two men managed to elude the police for six weeks.
4. The trappings of management elude us at first.
5. Reyna used a tricky turnaround move to elude the only defender before firing from 8 yards into the empty goal.
6. Lt. Forney managed to elude capture by enemy forces for several weeks.
7. Dorothy Wordsworth found fulfilment in ways that elude precise analysis.
8. I would try to elude notice, but I stood out like a white rat at a tomcat convention.
9. The narco manages to stay alive, elude capture, get his drugs across the border, and vanquish authorities.
10. Partnership continued to elude me, and it embarrassed and frustrated me, although objectively I knew my impatience was largely unwarranted.
11. The murderer managed to elude the police and, changing his criminal activities, took to counterfeiting currency.
12. To conceal traces so as to elude pursuers.
13. The fox elude the dog.
14. Satiety is a dream which will always elude you.
15. If you chase it, it will elude you.
16. An underground network of activists has begun helping the new arrivals to elude police.
17. In fact, as Steves eventually came to realize, they were seeing things that often elude travelers who spend far more.
18. By guile, bribery or skill the fleeing rebels managed to elude their pursuers.
19. Hundreds die each year from exposure, drowning and dehydration as they try to elude detection by U.S.
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20. We took four hits, and immediately, we went into a rapid descent to elude the machine guns.
21. Anywhere within the walls to some one who really knows the place would offer many opportunities to elude you.
22. Morihei Uyeshiba, the founder of aikido, often demonstrated his ability to elude attack in this way.
23. But it requires a 14-inch cubical module to capture bass sounds that elude the small speaker.
24. Moreover, most of the existing ethnic minority units managed, with Rosenberg's assistance, to elude Vlasov's control.
25. Firecracker reacted to the tight control on his whereabouts by trying to elude his protectors.
26. And be quick, watchful, clever, like a wild creature that must elude the hunters.
27. The first needed a huge deflection off defender Chris Innes to elude keeper Gordon Marshall.
28. The balance of creativity and business skill needed to smoothly administer the operations would in fact always elude the pair.
29. Despite a $25,000 reward on his head, he continues to elude the authorities.
30. They turned off the highway onto a side road to elude the police.
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