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Ameliorating in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-08-17Updated:2017-08-17
Similar words: ameliorationameliorateevaporatingcommemoratinginvigoratingdeteriorationingratiatingratingMeaning: [ə'miːljəreɪt]  adj. tending to ameliorate. 
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1 Steps have been taken to ameliorate the situation.
2 Foreign aid is badly needed to ameliorate the effects of the drought.
3 It is not clear what can be done to ameliorate the situation.
4 Measures to ameliorate working conditions have had little effect.
5 Correction of the acidemia will often ameliorate this problem.
6 Such policies either ameliorate the worst conditions that might provoke violence or provide certain classes with advantages over classes below them.
7 The acid reaction of these soils has almost certainly been ameliorated by the addition of shelly sand from the adjacent machairs.
8 Some of these cost very little, if anything,( but all have been shown to ameliorate the adverse consequences of change.
9 To some extent this has been ameliorated by providing cookers on each of the wings.
10 Conversely, operations that divert bile away from the stomach will ameliorate dysplastic features induced by previous gastric surgery.
11 I am convinced that Victorian prudery was much to blame for this, and modern treatment might have much ameliorated it.
12 Confidence was increasing that men, through foresight and effective action, could ameliorate their existence and even prolong their lives.
13 Older women in the developed countries suffered unnecessarily from diseases that could have been ameliorated, cured, or even prevented.
14 At the same time we had to cut our costs and reduce the numbers to at least ameliorate the losses.
15 Government has assumed the responsibility for ameliorating income inequality in our society.
16 In a warm room the nose discharges and fills up which ameliorates the headache; a thick, fluent, yellow discharge.
17 We therefore have only three options open to us when we are stressed: move, ameliorate or suffer.
18 Even a decision to paint one of them a garish blue has failed to ameliorate the effect.
19 The agrarian reform had done much to improve the efficiency of agriculture and to ameliorate living standards among the peasantry.
20 In contrast, policies that recognise human frailty and try to ameliorate it seem to succeed.
21 A new method ameliorating the calibration accuracy for flowmeter that is based on BP network-(genetic) algorithms(GA) is proposed.
22 Improving and ameliorating the ability of Loran-C for time service are the main objective of our study in this paper.
23 The ameliorating effects of organic acids (oxalic acid, ethanoic acid and citric acid) on lead stress were studied by analysis the physiological characteristic of wheat seedling.
24 Ameliorating Shape Quality . Effect trend of technical and Controlled Parameters in industrial production are introduced.
25 We will provide omnidirectional logistics services for all customers by means of innovating, ameliorating, fulfilling demands.
26 CONCLUSION:The result confirmed that FAC can alleviate irradiation damage induced by gamma-ray, which might be associated with ameliorating antioxidant level and protecting DNAin caryon.
27 Objective: to explore the effect of gynosaponins compound on ameliorating in mice memory.
28 The paper and study of ancient of mineral matters ameliorating soil, but the records were fragmentary.
29 An experiment of planting Rumex K-1 was carried out on meadow solonchak with results showing significant effects on desalting and ameliorating the soil.
30 Have the ability of metal foundry mould designing and ameliorating , quality improvement . 6.
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