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Acetylation in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2021-04-27Updated:2021-04-27
Similar words: deacetylationacetylateacetyldiacetylacetyleneacetyl-CoAacetylene gasoxyacetyleneMeaning: n. the process of introducing an acetyl group into a compound. 
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1. Acetylation takes place so rapidly the completely that no unchanged 5-ASA can be detected inside the cell.
2. The acetylation imparts greater stability to the dimensions of the hardboard.
3. All of four aromatic amines inhibited acetylation of isoniazid, but amides did not. 4-Aminobenzoic acid can be considered as a combined-drug for increasing and prolonging the blood level of isoniazid.
4. The genetic switch involves acetylation, the introduction of an acetyl group into a molecule at the DNA level of chromatin resulting in genetic transcription.
5. Friedel-Crafts acetylation of salicylamide(SA) with acetyl chloride to 5-acetylsalicylamide using triethylammonium chloroaluminate ionic liquid(IL) as both catalyst and solvent was investigated.
6. Backgroud: The acetylation of histones plays very important role in expression of gene.
7. The chromatin remodeling and histone acetylation were associated with transcription activation.
8. These new acetylation reactions were synthesized with PS of monodisperse particle. Research on thermostability and intensity of anion exchange resin based on polystyrene is analysised.
9. The cellulose triacetate (CTA) prepared by heterogeneous acetylation and coated on small pore 3 aminopropyl silica gel (10nm) was used as chiral stationary phase for HPLC (OA column).
10. The level of histone acetylation plays an important role in progression, proliferation and differentiation of leukemia.
11. Methods 1-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline was synthesized from phenethylamine through three steps:acetylation with acetyl chloride, cyclization with PPA and reduction with potassium borohydride.
12. Catalytic acetylation of methamidophos for the production of acephate in batch stirred tank by using ion exchange resin was presented.
13. These POlymer - bound dialkylaminopyridine as catalyst for acetylation of alcohols were investigated.
14. The O - acetylation of tri - butyl citrate with acetic anhydride catalyzed by polyvinyl pyridine was explored.
15. The level of his - tone acetylation is determined by the activities of histone acetyltransferases and histone deacetylases.
16. In the reaction of acetylation and nitration 1,2 ? dichloroethane was used as solvent.
17. The acetylation and deacetylation of histone is charged by a pair of protea se with antistatic function on each other, which are histone transacetylase and histone deacetylase.
18. The copolymer after acetylation and phosphonylation can react with dibutyl amine to yield the corresponding dibutylamidophosphate resin.
19. A coenzyme present in all living cells that functions as an acyl group carrier and is necessary for fatty acid synthesis and oxidation, pyruvate oxidation, and other acetylation reactions.
20. Some methods could also determine the pattern of methylation or the degree of pectins acetylation.
21. This paper reports firstly the compounds is synthesized through acetylation and closing ring. And the method of inducting pyran ring to benzene is solved.
22. Objective To investigate the effects of curcumin on the acetylation of histone H3, P53 and the proliferation of NB4 cells.
23. Method The target compound was synthesized from clarithromycin via hydrolyzation, acetylation, cyclic carbonatation , oxidation, de carbonatation, acylation, cyclic carbamatation and cyclization.
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24. When additionvolume of starch was 0.5~1.0 % , cross - linked and GCWS acetylation of starch showed very goodeffects.
25. Compared with the ester interchange ofp - acetoxybenzoic acid and PBT, the in - situ acetylation of PHB was useful to restrain from the forming of long PHB blocking chains.
26. It has been known for some time that the acetylation of N-termini of core histones in nucleosome is associated with gene activation.
27. Methods: The target compounds were synthesized by methylation and acetylation, iodomethane as methylated reagent, acetic anhydride as acylated reagent.
28. A new route to synthesize the target compound starting from m-cresol, which undergoes four steps including acetylation, chloration, esterification, and alcoholysis was proposed.
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