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Acetyl in a sentence

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Sentence count:68Posted:2018-09-20Updated:2018-09-20
Similar words: acetyleneoxyacetyleneacetylene gasacetylcholinenicetyface to face withface to faceface-to-faceMeaning: n. the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-). 
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1 Free carnitine was converted to C acetyl carnitine and measured in a scintillation counter.
2 Acetyl choline can how is sexual urticaria treated?
3 This paper deals with the synthesis of acetyl spiramycin.
4 The addition of an acetyl group to a molecule.
5 Who knows what effect acetyl acid has?
6 Objective:To investigate the influence of TOFA, a Acetyl CoA Carboxylase inhibitor, on cell growth of human ovarian cancer cell line COC1, and explore the mechanism.
7 By 1897 a synthetic derivative (acetyl salicylic acid) of the plant's active ingredient (salicin) was created.
8 A method for the determination of 2,4- dichlorbenzoxy acetyl chloride of derivation before column, with gas chromatography has been developed.
9 The preparation method of tributyl citrate and acetyl tributyl citrate by solid super acid, rare earth solid acid, heteropoly acid et al. were reviewed.
10 Furthermore, the course of ground state acetyl radical thermal decomposing to CH_3 and CO is carried out by the same method.
11 The genetic switch involves acetylation, the introduction of an acetyl group into a molecule at the DNA level of chromatin resulting in genetic transcription.
12 The catalase has been immobilized on acetyl cellulose membrane activated by pre - treatment with sodium periodate.
13 Specifically, the study describes an acetyl genetic switch that produces memory impairment in aging 16 - month - old mice ...
14 Friedel-Crafts acetylation of salicylamide(SA) with acetyl chloride to 5-acetylsalicylamide using triethylammonium chloroaluminate ionic liquid(IL) as both catalyst and solvent was investigated.
15 RESULTS The contents of acidic succinyl groups and acetyl groups in HPMCAS were related with the addition of two anhydrides.
16 The N - acetyl - carnosine eye drops were prepared,[] and was stable at room temperature for 2 years.
17 These help a mitochondrial enzyme called carnitine acetyl transferase to do its job.
18 Objective : To determine N - acetyl - L - cysteine in compound amino acid injection by spectrophotometry.
19 method for determination of the plasma concentrations of isoniazid ( INH ) and its metabolite acetyl - isoniazid ( AcINH ).
20 A method for determining hydroxyl value of epoxy - containing polyester, namely acetyl chloride method is introduced.
21 Under alkali treatment , Hemslecin A becomes its isomer Hemslecin C by acetyl migration.
22 The hydroxyl value of epoxy-containing polyester was determined by analyzing acetification principle and using acetyl chloride as acetifier and methylene chloride as solvent.
23 The solubility, dielectric constant(, and dissipation factor of the polymer were improved alter acetyl substitution of poly(p-xylylene).
24 Sixteen flavanone - 7 - O - acetic acids, acetates, acetyl amino acidsand dipeptides derivatives were synthesized.
25 The enzyme activity test results showed that aldolase could transform Nacetyl - D - ManNAc into N - acetyl - D - neuraminic ...
26 Furthermore, the reaction condition of the selective removal of acetyl group in the presence of caffeoyl group was optimized.
27 This protective effect of glucose may result from its ability to clear accumulated intracellular Acetyl Coenzyme A and to promote the Production of intracellular energy substances.
28 Using, the benzeneatic acid benzenester was synthesized from phenol and phenyl acetyl chloride by direct esterification.
29 Oil of pink of fly maggot albumen, maggot, mix acetyl chitin can batch production.
30 One, called TSA , inhibits the enzyme that removes acetyl groups.
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