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Polyploid in a sentence

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Similar words: polyploidyholy placeroly-polydiploidhaploidpolypheteroploidpolyphonyMeaning: ['pɑlɪplɔɪd /'pɒl-] n. (genetics) an organism or cell having more than twice the haploid number of chromosomes. adj. of a cell or organism having more than twice the haploid number of chromosomes. random good picture
1. Although vegetable polyploid breeding has a history of 70 years, until now only a few polyploidy varieties of watermelon, radish, cabbage and potato are used in vegetable production.
2. The present paper reviewed the studies on the polyploid manipulation in the Chinese mitten-handed crab, Eriocheir sinensis.
3. The major cytological mechanisms of polyploid formation are union of unreduced gametes, somatic doubling and polyspermy. And union of unreduced gametes is the most important mechanism.
4. In addition, the mechanisms of polyploid inducement with C. B treatment and temperature shock are dis cussed.
5. Vegetable polyploid breeding is embarrassed by the characters of polyploid plants and backward breeding technology.
6. A polyploid is a plant with more than two complete sets of chromosomes.
7. Sublethal temperature might be suitable for polyploid inducement of cold shocks.
8. Some helpful opinions on polyploid breeding of Hevea brasiliensis were proposed.
9. Because many polyploidy species are themselves multiply derived, Stebbins' estimate is probably closer to the true polyploid speciation rate.
10. Objective: to establish a method of producing polyploid mouse embryos.
11. The type of polyploid in Agropyron was not strictly autoploid.
12. In the present paper, several methods for polyploid induction in aquatic animals, such as, cold shock, heat shock, hydrostatic pressure shock, the use of 6-DMAP and cytochalasin (CB) were reviewed.
13. In this article, ways of polyploidy breeding, the identification of polyploidy, application of watermelon polyploidy,(Sentence dictionary) and the prospective of watermelon polyploid breeding are reviewed.
14. Mutated polyploid Catharanthus roseus L. cells were obtained by treatment of calli with 0.5% colchicine.
15. The technique is applied in the polyploid breeding practice on jujube trees, the method is simple and convenient, and the autopolyploid can be quickly obtained and applied in production.
16. These phenomena show the possibility of producing polyploid of Diospyros kaki L. by the unred...
17. A polyploid is a plant with more than two complete sets of choromosomes.
18. Analyses of the age distribution of duplicate genes in diverse flowering plants indicate that essentially all may be paleopolyploids, but this should not be equated with the polyploid speciation rate.
19. With the single-lane model, integrated with the classification function, the program can analyze the target lanes, as well as the polyploid of each band based on the grayscale.
20. OBJECTIVE:To simultaneously determine the contents of CIPRO and MNZ in compound ciprofloxacin ear dro_ ps by nodical polyploid UV-spectrophotometry.
21. In recent years, the study of development of plant somatic embryo and technique of polyploid induction have become two important subjects in cytobiology and molecular biology.
22. If such gametophytes produce fertile gametes, the resulting sporophyte is then tetraploid, and large polyploid series may subsequently be developed. Apospory is found in some mosses and ferns.
23. It is difficulty to select and breed apomictic germplasm among diploid rices at present, but it has become a hotspot to select and breed apomictic germplasm among polyploid rices.
24. Through identification of important traits of 11 main lines for sugarbeet polyploid varieties, there were significant different among the root yield, sugar content and sugar yield.
25. It is extraordinarily important to select tetraploid lines for breeding sugar beet polyploid varieties.
26. Thethe paper is included the man - induced technique, biological characters of polyploid and the potential values.
27. If such gametophytes produce fertile gametes , the resulting sporophyte is then tetraploid, and large polyploid series may subsequently be developed.
28. Objective To study on the yield and quality for specie of the Polyploid Saposhnikovia divaricata.
29. Genetic analysis was conducted on genome DNAs from 15 polyploid sugarbeet varieties by RAPD markers.
30. Objective To determine simultaneously the contents of ofloxacin (OFLO) and tinidazole (TNZ) in compound ofloxacin ear drops by nodical polyploid UV-spectrophotometry.
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