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Haploid in a sentence

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Similar words: haplesstabloidaplombexploitexploitedexploitableexploitationstapleMeaning: n. (genetics) an organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes. adj. of a cell or organism having a single set of chromosomes. 
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1, Reduced to just the haploid maternal complement of chromosomes, the egg develops into a male.
2, Diploidy is restored when two haploid gametes fuse.
3, Thus, whereas spermatocytes produce four functional haploid spermatozoa, primary oocytes eventually produce one functional haploid egg plus two polar bodies.
4, At fertilization, when the haploid gametes fuse, the diploid number of chromosomes is restored.
5, Here we describe haploid mouse embryonic stem cells and show their application in forward genetic screening.
6, The haploid breeding of maize is a technology that using anther culture or gynogenesis to produce haploid, and then obtain stable new varieties through natural or artificial doubling.
7, These are the haploid sexual spores that were produced following meiosis inside the basidium .
8, Potato haploid induction has significant meaning in potato breeding, It includes parthenogenesis and anther culture methods.
9, Haploid variety breeding and application in anther culture breeding.
10, On germination, the zygospore undergoes meiosis to produce haploid cells that give rise to a new thallus.
11, Generative cell One of the haploid cells in the POLLEN TUBE of seed plants.
12, Club-shaped basidia, each bearing four haploid basidiospores, line the surfaces of the gills on the underside of the mushroom cap.
13, The chromosome doubling of haploid and double haploid in cucumber was studied.
14, A yeast haploid S1(a) with high intracellular content of reduced glutathione (GSH) was selected from 75 yeast strains by primary screening and isolation of haploid, and then marked with auxotroph.
15, For example, if the haploid number is 7, the euploid number would be 7,14,21,28, etc, and there would be equal numbers of each different chromosome.
16, Mononucleated haploid cells join to produce binucleate cells.
17, Polar nuclei The, usually two, haploid nuclei found midway along the EMBRYOSAC, forming a binucleate central cell. They may fuse to form the diploid definitive nucleus.
18, The haploid pollen cells develop in the tapetal zone from spore mother cells.
19, Synergid cells Two haploid cells located near the egg cell at the micropylar end of the embryo sac in flowering plants.
20, Haplont A haploid organism that represents the vegetative stage in life cycles in which diploidy is restricted to the zygote.
21, An exact multiple of the haploid number is called euploid.
22, Using young panicle of a haploid rice SAR explant,( a tissue culture assay was carried out.
23, Haploid development in zebrafish has been applied for genetic screening.
24, It is certain, however, that both higher animals and higher plants are diploid, with only brief haploid interludes.
25, Prototrophic hybrids have been obtained by the protoplast fusion between auxotrophic haploid and diploid mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
26, In lower plants such as mosses and liverworts the persistent vegetative plant is haploid, the sporophyte being a relatively short-lived phase.
27, Zygotene is characterized by the active and specific pairing( synapsis ) of homologous chromosomes leading to the formation of a haploid number of bivalents.
28, Finally, in the sporic life cycle, the living organism alternates between haploid and diploid states.
29, Aneuploid describes chromosome numbers which are not multiples of the haploid number ( n ).
30, At the same time, the information of flax biotechnology of anther culture, haploid breeding, utilization of somatic mutation, protoplasmic culture, gene transformation were introduced in detail.
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