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Polygamy in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2017-01-12Updated:2017-01-12
Similar words: bigamypolypolytheismpolytheisticgamegamutgamblegambolMeaning: [pə'lɪgəmɪ] n. having more than one spouse at a time. random good picture
(1) Sometimes, however, polygamy could be liberating for a woman because the burden of household duties was shared.
(2) Institutions such as polygamy are seen by Engels as mere variants on the institution of monogamy.
(3) Federal legislation attacking Mormon polygamy served as a ruse for completing the absorption of the Mormon religious state into the Union.
(4) Polygamy is prevented by wives who resent sharing their husbands lest they also share his contributions to child rearing.
(5) The Book of Mormon itself had condemned polygamy.
(6) Polygamy and arranged and forced marriages became the rule.
(7) Smith forced polygamy as the test of loyalty among his closest friends.
(8) In other words, men tended to seek polygamy, whereas women strove to marry upward with men of high status.
(9) Polygamy, subdued but never forsaken under Soviet rule, has returned with a veneer of respectability.
(10) No hunter-gatherer society supports more than occasional polygamy[], and the institution of marriage is virtually universal.
(11) Mormon Utah renounced polygamy 111 years ago; It's simply hidden.
(12) Treason, murder, theft, polygamy, and adultery , are among the many crimes laid to their charge.
(13) Shakespeare endorse polygamy: he speak of the merry wives of windsor ; how many wives do Mr. Windsor have?
(14) Never mind that polygamy is illegal in all 50 states.
(15) Principle Voices, a pro - polygamy group, reckons that there are only about 37, 000 Mormon fundamentalists in America.
(16) He said polygamy was God's will.
(17) That left him with one explanation for the rarity of polygamy in sparrows: The senior wives do not stand for it.
(18) Some of these may well have afforded opportunities for wealth accumulation and polygamy.
(19) First[], women most commonly seek monogamous marriage-even in societies that allow polygamy.
(20) In 1988, political power, far from being a ticket to polygamy, was jeopardized by any suggestion of infidelity.
(21) The practice of primogeniture was a good way to keep wealth-and its polygamy potential-intact through the generations.
(22) In hunter-gatherer societies the male opportunist streak would have been far more easily satisfied by adultery than by polygamy.
(23) Most controversial were whispers that Joseph Smith had gone so far in restoring ancient ways that he had reintroduced polygamy.
(24) Behind the gate, however, is a religious sect that former members say indulges in polygamy and other questionable practices.
(25) Abuse and coercion are only the most obvious dangers of polygamy.
(26) In 1822 the United States government passed the Edmunds Law outlawing polygamy.
(27) Mohammed was not the man to give an exclusive devotion to any one woman, but there is no doubt that, within the limit set by polygamy, he was genuinely fond of his wife and benefactress.
(28) The Mormons, organizing themselves in response to a religious vision, practiced polygamy in all their settlements.
(29) The English lawyers counter-attacked by checking birth dates, marriage dates, and identifying children born by polygamy and polyandry.
(30) Are the Globe editorialists correct that gay marriage hasn't lent legitimacy to polygamy?
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