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Polyploidy in a sentence

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Similar words: holy placeroly-polyhaploiddiploidpolyppolyphonypolyphagiatabloidMeaning: ['pɑlɪplɔɪdɪ /'pɒl-] n. the condition of being polyploid. 
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1. Feed crop breeding by polyploidy can enlarge the plant cellular size, so the plant has the thick and high stem, thick blade , and increases the content of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.
2. These biotechnologies include polyploidy, gynogenesis and androgenesis, the development of monosex populations and cryopreservation.
3. Allopolyploidy A type of polyploidy involving the combination of chromosomes from two or more different species.
4. The polyploidy cell masses and the haploidy cells appeared in the tissue cultures will not result in the hereditary variability and the changes of the character in the original diploid species.
5. Because many polyploidy species are themselves multiply derived, Stebbins' estimate is probably closer to the true polyploid speciation rate.
6. In this article, ways of polyploidy breeding, the identification of polyploidy, application of watermelon polyploidy, and the prospective of watermelon polyploid breeding are reviewed.
7. Hybrid sterility is sometimes overcome by polyploidy.
8. Autopolyploidy A type of polyploidy involving the multiplication of chromo - some sets from only one species.
9. Finally(, we demonstrated that EBNA2-induced polyploidy is due to both DNA endo-replication and cytokinesis failure.
10. In plants, they can come from polyploidy, a process in which seeds, through a quirk in cell division, wind up with an extra copy of their DNA.
11. In vertebrates, polyploidy tends to be lethal, but plants can do just fine with all this extra genetic material.
12. Although vegetable polyploid breeding has a history of 70 years, until now only a few polyploidy varieties of watermelon, radish, cabbage and potato are used in vegetable production.
13. The paper studies the effect of the quick-freeze and rehydration conditions, regarding polyploidy dandelion as the material, which it can provide reference for the quick freeze and preservation.
14. Researchers have propounded the main target of rice apomixis . It is dominant and simplicity, specificity and spontaneity, facultative and lethal, polyploidy and hybridity.
15. In order to improve the yield and quality of Danshen, a research project of polyploidy breeding by tissue culture was done.
16. Recent model-based estimates assume a single transition to a new ploidal level within a genus and provide a lower bound of the polyploidy speciation rate: 2 to 4% in flowering plants and 7% in ferns.
17. If each ploidal level (cytotype) is viewed as a cryptic biological species, then the contribution of polyploidy to biological species diversity is even higher than previously surmised .
18. Unreduced gametes are common in plants and likely represent the most frequent route to polyploidy .
19. Conclusion In GIST there was heteroploid of chromosome 8 with more polyploidy than monoploid correlated with recurrence and metastasis.
20. Endomitosis The duplication of chromosomes without division of the nucleus, causing polyploidy and leading to an increase in nuclear and cytoplasmic volume.
21. The results indicate that the DNA replication of parasite was continuous and it's content was high polyploidy and phase G1 of proliferating cycle was not evident.
22. Since the first tetraploid watermelon was obtained in 1939, polyploidy breeding has always been the focus of watermelon breeding.
23. Breeders have bred a great deal of new flower varieties by taking routine cross breeding, radiation breeding, tissue culture breeding, polyploidy breeding, and spaceflight breeding etc.
24. The results revealed the practicability of ion beam implantation technique in creating new polyploidy idioplasm, which could provide a new approach for searching the material with apomixis.
25. Here I use an experimental approach to test how polyploidy mediates ecological divergence in Achillea borealis (Asteraceae), a widespread tetraploid plant with localized hexaploid populations.
26. The results suggested that obvious difference of chromosome number appeared among these Alnus species, even in the same species from different population, and spontaneous polyploidy might occur.
27. It's commonly and viably to improve the officinal factors by induction of polyploidy.
28. The observation and statistics of morphology suggested that the hybrids showed interspecific morphological traits and some traits resembled more closely with the higher polyploidy parents.
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