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Polygon in a sentence

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Sentence count:140Posted:2017-01-12Updated:2017-01-12
Similar words: polygamypolyglotpolypolytheismpolytheistichappy-go-luckyholyegg onMeaning: ['pɑlɪgɑn /'pɒlɪgən] n. a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides. random good picture
1. The polygon definitions are written to the file whose unit number is 11.
2. The error can spread over the polygon by altering the positions of the boundary points appropriately.
3. Positive form can be introduced into any polygon or polyhedron by regarding it as a closed skin subjected to internal expansion.
4. Figure 7.4 Closure error in polygon digitizing.
5. Experiment will reveal that any regular polygon needs similar adjustment to transform a geometric shape into a sensory image.
6. The corners of any regular polygon rest on the circumference of a circumscribing circle.
7. Two layer regular polygon central configurations of 2N-body problems are studied.
8. The equivalent Fresnel numbers of the regular polygon and slit are calculated by using the radius of inscribe circle and half width of the slit as the feature length.
9. Polygon SUVNPQ is equilateral and equiangular and TWOR is a rectangle.
10. The polygon scan conversion problem is a basic problem in Computer Graphics.
11. The 0.618 method and the convex polygon method for minimum condition evaluation of straightness error are introduced, and their high-level language programs are given in this paper.
12. This essay studies some properties of M-side polygon sequences which often exist in elementary number theory and their combinational identity with the elementary method.
13. Traditional Scan Line Polygon - Filling Algorithm can only deal with horizontal scan - lines and can only fill lineline.
14. N the use of dialog to draw the polygon, and is a kind of garish colors!
15. They are completely regular solids: each has all of its faces repeating a regular polygon, triangle, square or pentagon.
16. They could then be converted back into vector form as polygon data and superimposed on the deterministic results.
17. Write a formula that shows the relationship between the amount of degrees in a polygon and the number of sides it has.
18. The algorithm makes full use of the order of vertices of the convex polygon, so that the minimum time complexity of the algorithm can be achieved.
19. The key parameters such as feed pitch and strip width can be calculated only in the range box of the original polygon.
20. This paper extends the concept of monotone chain in computational geometry. It presents a new polygon scanning fill algorithm , polygon filling algorithm based on monotony chain.
21. Object positioning is based on local normal of a polygon or vertex in destination object and world up axis.
22. This partition is called the bisector skeleton of the polygon.
23. Based on the Curvilinear Integral and its sorted edge table, a new polygon fill algorithm is developed in the article.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. Requirements can draw a straight line, arc, elliptical arc, polygon, to custom colors.
25. The rule for checking the angles of any object is that the sum of the interior angles of a closed polygon...
26. This paper first studies the graphic outer and inner cut by convex polygon, then the graphic cut by arbitrary polygon. Its application of compiler program proves to be satisfactory.
27. It studied the radiation problem of TLP, and paid attention to the computation of added mass and added damping about TLP which cylinders are set as regular polygon.
28. The waterproofing layer and the film can be made in quadrate, ellipse or polygon.
29. Finally, numeral simulation shows that the star pattern identification algorithm based on the convex polygon has high robustness and the ratio of identification is above 99%.
30. The first frame houses a cylindrical lens, a collimating lens, a deflective scanner and a polygon mirror scanner etc.
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