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Diploid in a sentence

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Sentence count:63Posted:2017-04-17Updated:2017-04-17
Similar words: haploiddiplomadiplomatdiplomacydiplomaticdiplomatic immunitytabloidexploitMeaning: n. (genetics) an organism or cell having two sets of chromosomes or twice the haploid number. adj. of a cell or organism having two sets of chromosomes or twice the haploid number. 
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1. Each of the two cells now contains a diploid nucleus, containing both maternal and paternal chromosomes.
2. There is no diploid nucleus, with a complete complement of chromosomes, until we reach the two-cell stage.
3. At fertilization, when the haploid gametes fuse, the diploid number of chromosomes is restored.
4. Autotetroploid rice has double genome compared with diploid rice.
5. Autopolyploids may arise from the fusion of diploid gametes that have resulted from the NONDISJUNCTION of chromosomes at meiosis.
6. The diploid mainly consists of metacentric and submetacentric chromosomes.
7. All diploid species are hemaphroditic and either self - fertile or self - sterile.
8. The stoma characters of both tetraploid and diploid Anthuriums were comparatively investigated.
9. The cross-compatibility between cultivated rice and 6 diploid and tetraploid wild rice species was studied by means of artificial pollination.
10. In vascular plants the diploid sporophyte is the dominant phase and in the ferns, for example,( the gametophyte is a small prothallus .
11. Methods: The seeds of 13 cultivated populations of diploid Isatis indigotica Fort. collected from the whole country were cultivated in Chong Ming Island, Shanghai.
12. These cells had retained a diploid Karyotype.
13. Conclusion SOFC could induce human embryo lung diploid cell malignant transformation.
14. It includes the process whereby a diploid cell of the nucellus develops into an embryo giving a diploid seed with a genetic constitution identical to the parent.
15. First, every biologist knows that most body cells of most animals are diploid; they contain two sets of chromosomes.
16. It is certain, however, that both higher animals and higher plants are diploid, with only brief haploid interludes.
17. The formation of the aleuronic layer cell wall in autotetraploid and its original diploid rice was studied by using the technique of fluorescence microscopy.
18. Comparisons of conidial size and DNA content per conidia for 'hybrids' and parental strains indicated that the 'hybrids' were diploid.
19. During the process of fertilization a zygote with the diploid set is produced.
20. Prototrophic hybrids have been obtained by the protoplast fusion between auxotrophic haploid and diploid mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
21. The autopolyploid B 97 differ widely from its parents diploid in biological characteristics.
22. The sexual organs derived from Hevea Brasiliensis were treated with colchicine, and diploid megaspores and microspores were induced.
23. The cells of the blastula , called blastomeres, also each receive a full diploid set of chromosomes.
24. Quantitative analysis of DNA content showed 30 speciments from trichoepithelioma were all diploid. While 16 of 30 specimens from keratinizing basal cell epithelioma were aneuploid.
25. Furthermore, maternal biased chromosome conversion was revealed by GISH in both triploid and diploid hybrids, as early as at trophore-larvae stage.
26. Polar nuclei The, usually two, haploid nuclei found midway along the EMBRYOSAC, forming a binucleate central cell. They may fuse to form the diploid definitive nucleus.
27. Finally, in the sporic life cycle, the living organism alternates between haploid and diploid states.
28. Establishment of allopolyploids is favored because of greater niche separation from their diploid progenitors, and taxonomists appear reluctant to name phenotypically cryptic autopolyploid species.
29. There are obvious difference on morphology and cytology between polypoid and diploid .
30. Under the same temperature, the electrolyte exosmosis rate and damage of cytomembrane of tetraploid plants were lower than diploid plants.
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