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Mining in a sentence

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Sentence count:198+9 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-11Updated:2017-01-11
Synonym: excavationminelayingSimilar words: examiningdiningrainingwhiningtrainingremainingretainingadjoiningMeaning: ['maɪnɪŋ] n. 1. the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth 2. laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment. random good picture
1. Mining activities have totally disrupted the traditional way of life of the Yanomami Indians.
2. Their new mining method rates with the coal-miners.
3. The company is planning to diversify into other mining activities.
4. Mining would pollute the lake and denude the forest.
5. According to the new regulations,mining engineers retire at the age of fifty-five.
6. Extensive mining has reduced the supplies of coal in the area.
7. Opencast coal mining is among the most environmentally destructive activities carried out in Wales.
8. This area depends on the mining industry.
9. Mining rose by 9.1%, manufacturing by 9.4% and services by 4.3%.
10. He was trained there as a mining engineer.
11. This former mining town is now an unemployment blackspot.
12. The company first started mining for salt in 1851.
13. They're still mining a rich seam of high-grade coal.
14. Many young peasants were recruited into the coal mining industry.
15. Polidori, the right-wing politician, is mining a rich seam of fear and prejudice.
16. The company owns valuable logging and mining concessions.
17. He amassed a fortune from silver mining.
18. In tin mining today, workers excavate tunnels horizontally from a vertical shaft.
19. The mining project threatens one of the world's richest areas of biodiversity.
20. He is the sole heir to a large mining fortune.
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21. Mining can be costly in terms of lives .
22. The poor lived cheek by jowl in industrial mining towns in Victorian England.
23. The company has just won a mining concession in the north of the country.
24. Huge swathes of rain forest are being cleared for farming and mining.
25. The city has had a long association with the mining industry.
26. His novel is a vivid portrayal of life in a mining community.
27. The dispute is about wages, working conditions and the management of the mining industry.
28. We have raised the coal output by using better mining methods.
29. It is the largest ever private foreign investment in the Bolivian mining sector.
30. At first sight it looked less like a capital city than a mining camp.
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