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Magistrate in a sentence

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Sentence count:133+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-11Updated:2017-01-11
Synonym: judgeSimilar words: registrationstrategystrategicprostratefrustrateillustrateadministratoradministrationMeaning: ['mædʒɪstreɪt] n. a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice. random good picture
(1) The magistrate granted / refused him bail.
(2) The magistrate issued a warrant for his arrest.
(3) Hugh was summoned to appear before the magistrate.
(4) He was brought up before a magistrate, charged with dangerous driving.
(5) A city magistrate ruled that the novel was obscene and copies should be destroyed.
(6) He was/came up before the magistrate for speeding.
(7) He was wanted for the murder of a magistrate.
(8) The magistrate remanded him in custody for two weeks.
(9) Campbell was hauled up in front of the magistrate.
(10) Local people demanded that the District Magistrate apprehend the miscreants.
(11) They would simply hand her over to the magistrate as a thief.
(12) He came up before the local magistrate for speeding.
(13) John was fined 1000 dollars by the magistrate.
(14) The magistrate bound him over for a year.
(15) The defendant was summoned before a magistrate.
(16) Now that's a dangerous attitude for an investigating magistrate(, in my opinion.
(17) Hence the curse on the magistrate from the dock.
(18) The magistrate put on a black cap, a three-cornered piece of silk.
(19) In a hearing Wednesday afternoon before a federal magistrate, he waived his right to an attorney.
(20) Magistrate accused of trying to kill his wife.
(21) He will not tell the magistrate where he lives.
(22) The magistrate sat there, stern and erect, as the charge was read out.
(23) He was hauled up in court/in front of a magistrate.
(24) If he doesn't pay the fine soon, he'll be up before the magistrate.
(25) The advantages compared with ordinary civil procedure were largely limited to Rome, since each province had only one jurisdictional magistrate.
(26) The prosecutor does not, however, seek an order that the case be remitted to the magistrate to continue the hearing.
(27) He served as a churchwarden from 1856 to 1863 and as a county magistrate.
(28) Exclaiming that he was already a priest, Quirnus insisted that the magistrate put him to death.
(29) There were protracted delays in their trial until they appeared before a magistrate in Liverpool on February 9 last year.
(30) She dried her eyes presently because she realized that the Magistrate was watching her from not far away.
More similar words: registrationstrategystrategicprostratefrustrateillustrateadministratoradministrationadministrativedemonstratestrategicallyextraterrestrialdistractdistraughtfrustrationdistractedlydemonstratordemonstrationperpetratepenetratearbitrateconcentrateconcentrate onimaginaryimaginationgisttragicregisterapologistcash register
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