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Zygote in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fertilized ovumSimilar words: homozygouspolygonbilly goathappy-go-luckynoterotenotedvoteMeaning: n. the cell resulting from the union of an ovum and a spermatozoon (including the organism that develops from that cell). 
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1. It is the one-celled embryo known as the zygote.
2. But in the zygote the male and female genomes remain separate until the zygote itself divides.
3. Thus, a zygote is clearly capable of giving rise to all the different kinds of cells in the body.
4. The growth a zygote a morula is called fragmentation.
5. How does a zygote differ from an ovum?
6. After all, every of our cells is zygote.
7. The union of gametes to a zygote; conjugation.
8. Our cells are actually copies of zygote.
9. The product of fertilization is the zygote.
10. The organism that develops from a zygote.
11. Zygote meiosis can be observed with fresh-water algae Chlamydomonas, Spirogyra , Chara for assistant materials.
12. The first division of the zygote is transverse. The embryogeny belongs to the Onagrd type.
13. During the process of fertilization a zygote with the diploid set is produced.
14. The stages of development for a baby are zygote, embryo, and fetus.
15. Dormant stage of the zygote is about 15 days long, and then divided into a two-cell proembryo.
16. In this species, the first division of zygote produces two equal hemispheric cells by the first partition wall at the right angles to the axis of the archegonium.
17. The formation of a zygote by the union of genetically different gametes.
18. The zygote is best appraised by stating that it is an inherently unstable entity.
19. Each of our body cells, then, is a clone of all the other cells(, and of the original zygote.
20. Then, with luck, all the cells of the animal that develops from that zygote will contain the new gene.
21. But what are the mechanisms that cause the direct linear descendants of the zygote to change their character so radically?
22. For the moment, though side by side within the zygote, they are still quasi-independent beings.
23. How come, if all were cloned from the same original zygote?
24. Syngamy - The fusion of egg and sperm cells into a zygote.
25. Objective To investigate the relationship between the first polar body morphology of oocyte and the zygote morphology in pronucleus stage(, embryo quality in cleavage stage.
26. An isolated cell comes close to satisfying the likeness of a zygote.
27. Haplont A haploid organism that represents the vegetative stage in life cycles in which diploidy is restricted to the zygote.
28. The classical literature of embryology documents these patterns in detail for the zygote.
29. The effect of gamete treatment was similiar to that of zygote treatment.
30. The classical literature of embryology documents these patterns in detail for the zygote in situ.
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