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Welter in a sentence

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Similar words: sheltershelteredsveltefeltedalterfalterfilteralteredMeaning: ['weltə(r)] n. a confused multitude of things. v. 1. toss, roll, or rise and fall in an uncontrolled way 2. roll around, "pigs were wallowing in the mud" 3. be immersed in. 
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1. Pigs often welter in the mud.
2. Mother told her son not to welter in pleasure and idleness.
3. We are reducing the company's welter of development projects and will streamline sales and marketing.
4. There is a welter of information on the subject.
5. This dire situation exists despite a welter of management plans, royalties, taxes, and fees.
6. It seemed self-evident that in the welter of these breathtaking claims, the case for planning no longer needed to be argued.
7. Individual advertisements are swamped in the welter of political coverage.
8. Lost himself in a welter of ambitions, unsafe buildings, cheaper materials; he cooked the books to make more blocks.
9. Apt observations dissolved into a shapeless welter.
10. In the latest welter of housing data, some have seen green shoots.
11. And through all this welter of change and development your mission remains fixed, determined, inviolable.
12. He lay there rolling'round in the welter of his gore.
13. Now that the sun was setting in a welter of crimson behind tin lulls across the Flint River, the warmth of the April day was ebbing into a faint but balmy chill.
14. The plan amid a welter of criticism but has now been revived in a different guise.
15. Out of the welter of dust, the car came to the girl's home.
16. Construction of the hospital has been halted by a welter of lawsuits.
17. Longer term, newspapers seem reasonably well entrenched to deal with the welter of competition.
18. Under the impact of soaring oil prices living standards collapsed in a welter of rationing and corruption.
19. In between men with machetes hacked and chopped in a welter of gore.
20. Captain Robins was a Yorkshireman in his fifties who had long since lost his accent amidst the welter of a dozen dialects.
21. The announcement came from the Department of Health, besieged by a welter of conflicting evidence.
22. The grypesh swam out after them, and there were battles fought there in a welter of blood and foam.
23. The fanfare seized up on its first chord and then seemed to fall over itself, collapsing in a welter of notes.
24. Rattled, he fell back on to the truckle-bed in a welter of trousers.
25. John James, in addition to the financial complications, faced a welter of other unexpected difficulties.
26. And the House of Windsor has overdetermined this outcome by sacrificing what remained of its dignity in a welter of family dysfunction.
27. The Board of Health was disbanded in 1858 amid a welter of political intrigue and orchestrated opposition.
28. He used to argue with people, threw away rubbish freely , and welter in online games.
29. EXMP : I have just cleared up a bewildering welter of data saved in my computer.
30. Bond investors will be looking for clarity on the welter of conditions attached to the plan for the EFSF to buy bonds from the primary market and the timetable for implementation.
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