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Water vapor in a sentence

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Similar words: evaporatevaporintervalenervateat intervalswaterby waterwaterwayMeaning: n. water in a vaporous form diffused in the atmosphere but below boiling temperature. 
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1. Water vapor is water in the form of a gas.
2. With energy supplied by sunlight, some water vapor in the upper atmosphere may have broken down to hydrogen and oxygen.
3. When temperatures approach freezing, water vapor from the outside air will condense on the outdoor coil and freeze.
4. The water vapor can then be cycled by reacting it with carbon monoxide to make carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
5. The hot water vapor is vented through a rocket thrust chamber and imparts an impulse to the rocket.
6. Polyethylene is an excellent barrier to water vapor.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. Water vapor is a normal constituent of the atmosphere.
8. Clouds are formations of condensed water vapor.
9. Each winter, water vapor boiling, It'seems misty light silk.
10. Calculate the water vapor transmission, and permeance as follow.
11. This water vapor forms as clouds in the sky.
12. Water vapor from the bathroom might condense and create conditions of damp.
13. Water vapor from the evaporative recovery process may be recondensed, and also reused.
14. Warm air can contain more water vapor than cold air.
15. After cyclone occlude, there are only fine water vapor conditions at fore warm front and cyclone center.
16. With the increase of soaking time, the water vapor permeability first increases, then decreases.
17. This is not going to be any water vapor at one bar pressure on that cylinder.
18. Although after cooler will water vapor condensation into a liquid make temperature decrease, but for the following two reasons from after cooler out air can still see the liquid water.
19. The key to manufacture of storable fuels on Mars lies in the use of water-bearing surface materials, not atmospheric water vapor.
20. It not only blocks any soffit vents but can cause water vapor to condense into water any time of the year.
21. The second is that the lightest molecule that can be made by combustion is water vapor.
22. Zubrin proposes using the Sabatier process to react hydrogen with carbon dioxide to make water vapor and methane.
23. This paper mainly introduce the construction of near-real time GPS water vapor auto processing system and the process which retrieve the atmospheric Precipitable Water Vapor.
24. In this paper, the GMS-5 data at channels of infrared split windows and water vapor are applied, accompanied by radiosonde data, to retrieve water vapor distribution under cloud-free condition.
25. The jet stream will retreat poleward, and rain-bearing storms that travel along the jet will have more moisture to precipitate out, since more water vapor can evaporate into a warmer atmosphere.
26. The purpose of these tests is to obtain, by means of simple apparatus, reliable values of water vapor transfer through permeable and semipermeable materials, expressed in suitable units.
27. Steam showers are just like regular showers but with an added bonus: a steam generator produces water vapor inside the shower stall. The result is a cross between a shower and a steam bath.
28. The classical homogeneous nucleation theory was adopted. The theoretical analysis and numerical calculation of water vapor condensation process were completed by means of the characteristic method.
29. Also, he has been infused with fog glass surface and brush fingers. And, that by finger touch, from clear to turbid brown cup body of water vapor.
30. The instability of atmosphere, coaction of dynamic and thermodynamic power, and water vapor transmit conditions are necessary condition to induce thunderstorm.
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