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Pompous in a sentence

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Synonym: ceremoniousgrandiloquentoverblownpontificalportentousSimilar words: compoundcompound interestpompstamp outcomposecompostcomposedcomponentMeaning: ['pɑmpəs /'pɒm-]  adj. 1. puffed up with vanity 2. characterized by pomp and ceremony and stately display. 
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1. He appears pompous but is a good man underneath.
2. He's a pompous old prig who's totally incapable of taking a joke.
3. He was somewhat pompous and had a high opinion of his own capabilities.
4. Don't be so pompous.
5. The service was grand without being pompous.
6. The document was sententious and pompous.
7. Children dislike being spouted at by pompous teachers.
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8. He's a pompous old fart.
9. He was very pompous at the meeting.
10. His speech sounded very pompous and self-congratulatory.
11. Milligan had a pompous, overbearing father.
12. 'He's rather pompous.' 'Isn't he just?
13. He's just full of wind, the pompous fool!
14. He can sometimes sound a bit pompous when he talks about acting.
15. He seems rather pompous.
16. He's a pompous ass.
17. He's a real gentleman, if a little pompous at times.
18. He was generally disliked and regarded as a pompous ass.
19. She found him pompous and annoying.
20. He spoke with pompous exactitude.
21. The pompous tone is alienating, boring, and outdated.
22. They both had those old-fashioned slippers with pompous.
23. I gave the pompous statuary a flick of the pink feathers as I went past.
24. And, as far as ridiculously pompous, overblown musical statements go, no-one holds a candle to Simple Minds.
25. When I called you a pompous, self-opinionated bully I meant every word!
26. Your tone generally falls somewhere in this range: Pompous: Overly formal, often contains passivity and jargon.
27. The general is a tall man with steel spectacles and a stiff, rather pompous manner.
28. Life is not composed by aphorism,how can we decorate it with pompous cliches? I send you my most sincere greeting in silence.
29. Life is not composed by aphorism, how can we decorate it with pompous cliche & 1 & s? I send you my most sincere greeting in silence.
30. He would never understand why she had married a pompous clergyman.
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