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Seawater in a sentence

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Sentence count:171Posted:2017-01-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: waterby waterwaterwaywaterfallhold waterwatermelonboiling waterdie awayMeaning: n. water containing salts. 
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(1) When the tide rises, the seawater reaches around our house.
(2) Fresh water rotted natural fibre, while seawater preserved it.
(3) Twenty-Five A sheen of seawater sluiced the cat's back.
(4) Now we took it for granted that seawater came swirling up around our feet whenever we left the cabin or cockpit baskets.
(5) She choked and spat out some seawater and then swallowed a lungful as she went into a spasm again.
(6) Indeed, there were little fountains of seawater spurting up between the water containers at that spot.
(7) There is plenty of oxygen in the surrounding seawater, though.
(8) The seawater flowed up through the cracks between the bamboo poles, and the wave crest traveled right over the raft.
(9) When using warm seawater vapour, the plant can also produce fresh distilled water when it is condensed back into a liquid.
(10) Constant exposure to seawater, far from having a healing effect, actually caused boils and other skin infections.
(11) Have you properly kept full seawater sampling analysis record?
(12) Seawater step by step groundfeed Tuvalu person to live.
(13) The seawater was piercingly cold.
(14) Seawater, hyperosmotic and alkaline, is a complex wound factor.
(15) Azure spotlessly white seawater sandy beach!
(16) The scientist perfected a method of desalting seawater.
(17) Is the seawater abstracted from non - prohibited area?
(18) It's a complicated process to desalt seawater.
(19) They built a dam along the seashore to retain the seawater.
(20) The shrimp are protected from the cauldron, though[Sentencedict], by seawater drawn up beside the rising plume.
(21) Also, tidal power generators must be designed to withstand severe wave action and the corrosive effects of seawater.
(22) Y., collected stamps and, as a high school honors student, performed science experiments on the conductivity of seawater.
(23) At most, the mass of water was only a half a degree Fahrenheit warmer than the surrounding seawater.
(24) Tubeworms grow so as to keep their plumes in the region where the vent water and seawater mix.
(25) Our attempts to save fresh water by mixing in seawater when cooking rice or noodles had not had much success.
(26) The trick is to pack as much magnetic punch into as small an amount of seawater as possible.
(27) Cheap electricity would soon be issuing forth from reactors fed by an inexhaustible resource - seawater.
(28) Feare noted that where the capsules were continually submerged in seawater, 100% of them hatched.
(29) Plant operators initiated a desperate measure to cool the number one reactor using seawater and boric acid.
(30) Objective To study the effect of focally applied indomethacin to firearm wound after seawater immersion on viability of the tissue.
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