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Veer in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2017-02-10Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: changeshiftswerveturnSimilar words: give ear tobeerjeerpeerdeersheercareereerieMeaning: [vɪr /vɪə]  v. 1. turn sharply; change direction abruptly 2. shift to a clockwise direction. 
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1. I love you more than you'll veer know.
2. Follow the path and veer left after 400m.
3. This latest proposal appears to veer in the direction of Democratic
4. He is unlikely to veer from his boss's strongly held views.
5. That is, they should veer in that direction.
6. It would weave towards us then veer away crazily.
7. Glancing sideways, he saw Collymore veer off, roll and gracefully arch like a porpoise, and go down again.
8. Five miles later, I veer off at the Stinson Beach / Highway 1 exit.
9. By adolescence, they veer into selflessness and fear the criticism of peers.
10. But he doesn't veer to the same extremes as Prince Charles.
11. She was about to veer in a different direction when she felt an arm like steel round her waist.
12. I hope that he will veer away from that argument and say why legislative change is needed.
13. Veer left and left again, passing the road that leads into Fish Canyon.
14. Thus, the person may rapidly and unpredictably veer from one extreme of a symptom to the other.
15. But it's funny about lasses nowadays, they all veer towards much older men.
16. Then veer right at the forkthe road.
17. Where did i veer from the path?
18. Veer is a basic movement for a traveling tracklayer.
19. She will not veer from her brave new intentions.
20. Why do nations veer down this path?
21. Why do nations veer down this path? This was the question Arendt tried to answer.
22. If you fall asleep while driving, you'll probably veer off the road.
23. What does, ironically, veer more towards sensationalism, are the attempts by opponents of climate action to lambast such discussions as opportunistic, to try to shut down the dialogue.
24. Chinese pride and boosterism veer dangerously close to nationalism. Healthy criticism is seen as unpatriotic.
25. But the ECB is unlikely to veer from its mission for long.
26. A pair of coevolutionary creatures chasing each other in an escalating arms race can only seem to veer out of control.
27. A 30minute set seemed to contain only two distinct songs, preferring to veer from one mantra-like rhythm to the next.
28. He was unaware of the other aircraft until both began to veer off the side of the runway.
29. The key though is staying true to yourself and refusing to veer from your most authentic path, no matter what the temptations.
30. Here is Salman Khan in a promotional event for his upcoming film Veer sporting T-shirt combined with a waist coat and a topi .
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