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Three-dimensional in a sentence

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Similar words: dimensionalmultidimensionaldimensiondimensionserythrocyte sedimentation ratesedimentpedimentimpedimentMeaning: adj. 1. involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects; giving the illusion of depth 2. having three dimensions. 
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1. The picture had a three-dimensional effect.
2. A square is two-dimensional and a cube is three-dimensional.
3. She emerges as a full, three-dimensional character in a way that few horror genre heroines ever do.
4. But with three-dimensional space there's no dimension left over.
5. Data were acquired by scanning in three-dimensional mode.
6. Another type draws three-dimensional sketches like wire frames.
7. Watching something two-dimensional gradually turn into something three-dimensional.
8. Monge provided a system for clearly displaying three-dimensional structures in two dimensions.
9. PixelVision, a three-dimensional graphics subsystem is due later this year.
10. The only three-dimensional fossil of a dinosaur's soft tissue was unearthed here in the 90s.
11. Daniel Oates has invented a repertoire of three-dimensional cartoon characters to populate his work.
12. To compare his samples, he produced three-dimensional computer models of them.
13. The use of three-dimensional shapes for printing gives opportunity for the shapes themselves to be compared and discussed.
13. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
14. First consider displacements in a flat three-dimensional space, which is one sort of isotropic homogeneous space.
15. It supports visualisation of three-dimensional data sets for applications such as satellite and medical imaging, molecular modelling, and image compositing.
16. Computer models are used to create three-dimensional models of prions, helping scientists understand the structural transformation they undergo to turn deadly.
17. One usually visualizes such a vector simply as an arrow drawn on a plane or in a three-dimensional space.
18. The works themselves were submitted by teachers all over town, and include two-and three-dimensional pieces.
19. Miles has been making designs out of straws in order to understand three-dimensional shapes and angles.
20. The VAXstation 4000 model 90 doubles the performance of the VAXstation 4000-60 and offers TurboChannel input-output and three-dimensional graphics.
21. Sometimes, different protein molecules will fit together, like the pieces of a three-dimensional jigsaw, to form larger-scale structures.
22. The results of these investigations are being integrated with new geophysical data to produce a three-dimensional geological model of the area.
23. A wide-screen projection system was used in combination with stereo lenses to produce a three-dimensional effect.
24. Bats and we need the same kind of internal model for representing the position of objects in three-dimensional space.
25. Establishing with clarity the starting point of a business is rather like playing three-dimensional chess.
26. Incidentally, direct a little light down behind the speaker: it fills the space behind him and makes him more three-dimensional.
27. We can conjure them away only by observing things under conditions in which the cues to three-dimensional perception are inoperative.
28. The Eighties were an important decade for sculpture when many contemporary artists turned to three-dimensional work.
29. The first and most obvious difficulty is that a three-dimensional object can not fit satisfactorily on to a flat page.
30. The random walk in one dimension is discussed in textbooks of thermo-dynamics, as is the three-dimensional random walk.
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