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Brute in a sentence

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Sentence count:134+8 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-14Updated:2017-02-14
Antonym: ChristianSimilar words: brutalbrutallybrushtruthbrusqueabruptcrutchin truthMeaning: [bruːt] n. 1. a cruelly rapacious person 2. a living organism characterized by voluntary movement. adj. resembling a beast; showing lack of human sensibility. 
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1. They used brute force to break open the door.
2. His father was a drunken brute.
3. He is a brute to his children.
4. Strength without love produces the brute. Love without strength produces the weakling.
5. The bear was a great brute.
6. He used brute force to take control.
7. Your dog's an ugly brute, isn't it?
8. You've forgotten my birthday again, you brute!
9. The horse broke its leg, the poor brute.
10. The government used brute force to keep people in subjection.
11. He got the door open with brute strength.
12. He was a great brawny brute of a man.
13. The fellow is an ill-mannered brute.
14. The brute fact is that the situation will not improve.
15. The oldest elephant was lame, poor brute.
16. They kicked the door down using sheer brute force .
17. Their desire for independence has to do with brute economics.
18. The dog was an ugly brute, answering to the name of Spike.
19. In the end, we had to resort to brute force to get the door open.
20. What they see is the brute fact of several thousand uncounted votes that would have made a difference.
21. Keith believes that stamina, not brute strength, is the real key to nude mud wrestling.
22. The use of brute force for righteous ends appeals strongly to rap's adolescent male following, of course.
23. She had a husband, a great brawny brute of an ex R.A.F. pilot who knocked her about.
24. The brute reality is that there is no political will for a repeat military operation to finish the job.
25. We will achieve much more by persuasion than by brute force.sentencedict .com
26. Discussion can be more effective than the use of brute force.
27. Boxing is a test of skill and technique, rather than brute strength.
28. The person who did this is an animal, a brute.
29. And let's not limit the language to pictures of thunder and brute strength.
30. Even his strong-man routine seems devoid of any intelligence or style and focuses, instead, upon brute force and muscle.
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