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Stopwatch in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-07-06Updated:2017-07-06
Synonym: stopo watchSimilar words: watchwatch outwatchfulwatchmanwatchdogwatchingwatch overwatch out forMeaning: n. a timepiece that can be started or stopped for exact timing (as of a race). 
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1. The stopwatch may suggest otherwise but so what.
2. As I clicked my stopwatch at the start line it began to rain.
3. Had he not established it scientifically, through his stopwatch studies?
4. He started timing them a stopwatch, and they got faster.
5. Drop the barometer, timing its fall with a stopwatch.
6. You'll need a stopwatch if you judge this swim meet.
7. Their development of a stopwatch source code!
8. The method of observation resembles the stopwatch reference to a clock.
9. The teacher also demonstrated with a stopwatch and a buzzer.
10. The teacher also demonstrated a stopwatch and a buzzer.
11. How much are the stopwatch and the elcctronic timing pad altogether?
12. Consider using a stopwatch to just record time intervals for each activity.
13. Please prepare a stopwatch to record every runner's time.
14. A stopwatch is used to obtain the optimum procedure.
15. Just to defend why I add Stopwatch function.
16. SDATimer is multifunctional digital countdown timer,( ) clock and stopwatch.
17. Eventually the time had to be decided by the stopwatch of an arena judge.
18. The answer was a hierarchical organization run by the timetable, the rule book[], and the stopwatch.
19. Secondary functions include trip and distance logs of up to 9,999 miles, a clock, stopwatch and variable depth alarm.
20. In 1883, Taylor had taken on an assistant, Emlin Hare Miller, to help with his stopwatch studies.
21. But seconds after Christopher slid from his chair, Brady clicked a stopwatch.
22. Perhaps the most invaluable feature is the unique cable control that allows you to activate the stopwatch from a tailored finger grip.
23. In this case, the setting of the edit-point on the source-tape is best done by stopwatch.
24. Are we going to be fighting for playoff seeding in April only to have Yi bricking shots while a CBA representative sits on the sidelines working his stopwatch?
25. Harmonic Motion: experimental board, spring weight , loaded board, counterpoise, stopwatch.
26. First of all, the paper expatiate the basic methods of work measurement and standard time measurement methods based on the stopwatch.
27. The Swiss - made chronograph offers second timing a stopwatch that measures performance accurately tenth of a second.
28. For all its consummate visual style, "Inception" also boasts an astute sound design: Listen for the leitmotif of a ticking stopwatch echoed by a passing bicycle and in Hans Zimmer's powerful score.
29. Drop the barometer and time its fall with a stopwatch.
30. When Sophia came in second on a multiplication speed test at school, Chua made her do 20 practice tests every night for a week, clocking her with a stopwatch.
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