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Platitude in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2017-03-14Updated:2017-03-14
Synonym: banalitybromideclichecommonplaceSimilar words: latitudegratitudebeatitudefortitudeattitudealtitudeaptituderectitudeMeaning: ['plætɪtuːd /-tjuːd]  n. a trite or obvious remark. 
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1 He delivered a long prose full of platitudes.
2 We shall have to listen to more platitudes about the dangers of overspending.
3 They mouthed the usual platitudes.
4 He was seen on TV delivering platitudes about the crisis in a monotone voice.
5 He was mouthing the usual platitudes about the need for more compassion.
6 Milosevic doesn't mouth platitudes about it not mattering who scores as long as the team wins.
7 I mouthed some sympathetic platitudes.
8 These performed just as required,( with pious platitudes followed by prevaricating and tut-tutting in a most gratifying manner.
9 High-sounding jargon or pointless platitudes cut little ice when one is alert to the actual message being conveyed.
10 The management tried to satisfy staff with some platitudes about the need to make sacrifices for the benefit of the company.
11 That is more than just a platitude from a guy who really would rather have been anywhere else.
12 Mr Gringold droned on, mouthing the usual platitudes about motivation and self-reliance.
13 Charles took one look at the proffered platitudes, which he knew to be absurd, and set about writing an alternative.
14 I sense his slighted dignity and mouth some platitude about boys being boys the world over.
15 This was such a mere platitude go without saying.
16 Zhou Hongxiang: It's a platitude.
17 It's no more than a platitude.
18 Business management, this is the topic of a platitude.
19 The talk is no more than a platitude.
20 This is a platitude, but also the most important.
21 But this is just a reassuring platitude.
22 I am the champion of the platitude.
23 Why couldn't he say something original instead of spouting the same old platitudes?
24 The speaker seems to have no original ideas; his speech was full of platitudes.
25 If she had neutered the quick of mystery in platitude before, she was smothering it with symbols now.
26 The rest of the class period was filled with platitudes and bored and knowing nods.
27 Today, however, most recommendations are known to be hot air and tail-covering platitudes.
28 Those who did believe me offered no solace; only sympathy and empty platitudes.
29 All the foreign students sat together in the Student Union, at the same table, exchanging heavily accented platitudes.
30 That at least some of them do so is a platitude.
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