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Stamp out in a sentence

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Synonym: killSimilar words: compoundlampoonvitamincontaminatepourspouseoutpourflip outMeaning: v. end or extinguish by forceful means. 
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1. The doctors are trying to stamp out the disease.
2. The Sanitary Board tries to stamp out the epidemic.
3. The government must act to stamp out interracial hatred and violence.
4. This new sort of punch could stamp out 3,000 bonnets an hour.
5. The secret police were determined to stamp out the last flickers of academic freedom.
6. The machine can stamp out hundreds of components in an hour.
7. The new legislation is intended to stamp out child prostitution.
8. We aim to stamp out poverty in our lifetimes.
9. We must do our best to stamp out the crime of drugs.
10. Pitt was a great philanthropist and wanted to stamp out smuggling, which was rife.
11. So that makes it pretty hard to stamp out.
12. Why, then, do so many experts seek to stamp out fear?
13. Roll thinly and stamp out 16 small leaves.
14. Is there a strong enough will to stamp out drug abuse?
15. There is no large-scale effort to stamp out the fires because, in most cases, they are burning on private land.
16. They stamp out graffiti, quash drug deals, bust carjacking rings, rescue drug overdose victims, even prevent suicides.
17. Using a cutter, stamp out nine leaves.
18. The doctors are trying to stamp out the plague by using new method.
19. They can stamp out identical chips by a mass production process.
19. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
20. The new machine can stamp out 50,000 coins a day.
21. Action is needed now to stamp out the attacks and make the world's sea route safe from ruthless theives and thugs .
22. If we are to stamp out poverty all, every person will need to make some sacrifices.
23. One is to stamp out warlordism, and the other is to suppress tribalism.
24. It is difficult to stamp out all the crimes.
25. Mr Bush doubled international military and police aid to stamp out drugs.
26. There were always new battles to fight, new obstacles to uproot, new heresies to stamp out.
27. The British Sports Council is no respecter of privacy or careers as it tries to stamp out the cheats.
28. Officials said the agreement would be key to helping stamp out poaching and cross - border animal smuggling.
29. It will protect the interests of the people and stamp out all the conspiracies of counter - revolutionaries .
30. With the ministry of the interior calling nudism a threat to the "natural and healthy feelings of our working people", the authorities tried to stamp out FKK in the 1950s.
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