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Congeal in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-02-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: clotfreezesolidifystiffenthickenSimilar words: congenialcongestedcongestiondecongestantvengeancechangeableunchangeableexchangeableMeaning: [kən'dʒiːl]  v. become gelatinous. 
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1 The food had congealed into a sticky mass.
2 Ice is congealed water.
3 Water congeals to ice.
4 The blood had congealed round the cut on her knee.
5 This congealed muck was interfering with the filter.
6 His passion for the ballerina soon congealed.
7 The blood had started to congeal.
8 The increasing population density will even further congeal traffic.
9 The bitterness and tears had congealed into hatred.
10 The blood had congealed in thick black clots.
11 Gear lubricants may congeal and channel in cold weather.
12 Blood congeals to form a clot.
13 Use hot water to rinse the congealed fat off the dinner plates.
14 The cold remains of supper had congealed on the plate.
15 The oil at last is congealed into a white fat.
16 His blood was congealed.
17 Water congeals into ice.
18 The concrete road congealed.
19 Josie picked up a plate of congealed egg and beans, and scraped it into the bin.
20 The steak was left to congeal on the plate, and Jenny ran down to the stable as fast as she could.
21 At least the blood congealing on the asphalt proved that his groundhog was freshly killed.
22 Queen: Her breath will still. Her blood congeal.
23 Fall congeal degrees on mixture of KH150BS bodying oil with different base oil of different nature such as high viscosity index base oil, isomerization unit based oil lost and so on were studied.
24 When the cheese started to cool and congeal, which took a good 30 minutes, all I did was stick it back on the stove, stirring until runny.
25 From in, by fight friendship where blood congeal into until China is the masses of for ordinary people let's forge.
26 Miscellaneous : Honey, cooking oils, peanut butter and tahini will congeal in the fridge.
27 But for that same reason the character does not congeal into the kind of stable stock character required of a commercial television series,( even one about lesbians .
28 The water-resistance and strength of stucco gypsum can be improved remarkablely by adding proper quantity self-made inorganic composite glue congeal materials.
29 That matters because the asteroid is one of the oldest known objects in the solar system, having formed a mere 5 million years after the solar system started to congeal.
30 A large cloud of gas and dust begins to congeal gravitationally, starts rotating, and eventually flattens into an object called a protostellar disk.
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