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Rivulet in a sentence

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Sentence count:32+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: rillrunrunnelstreamletSimilar words: divulgedivulgencevulgarvulpineavulsionvolvulusrevulsionvulnerableMeaning: ['rɪvjelɪt /-jʊl-]  n. a small stream. 
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1) The school is located near the rivulet.
2) Rivulets of sweat ran down her back.
3) Rain ran in tiny rivulets down the window.
4) Rivulets of water ran in through the leaks.
5) Rivulets of yellow filled the grooves in the floor.
6) Ahead of him a rivulet trickled towards the river.
7) I gaze out through the steam and the rivulets of water running down the glass of the shower cabinet.
8) Above him rivulets of mud slid through the boards of the roof.
9) Remember the driveway,( with the rivulets redesigning it each time it rained?
10) The crimson rivulets were lengthening, tracing lines down his throat and soaking into the collar of his overalls.
11) There are twin rivulets of sweat running from her temples to her jawline.
12) I stared at the brown rivulets snaking down the wall where my window should have been.
13) They passed the dry bed of a rivulet.
14) It reminds you of a placid rivulet.
15) The ploughs crossed and recrossed the rivulet marks.
16) Few men , drinking at a rivulet, stop to consider its source.
17) The golden-headed box turtle inhabit in the rivulet with the dense vegetation and the slot of the stone.
18) The tangential movement of water rivulet has significant effects on the rain - wind induced vibration of stay - cables.
19) Gulf, rivulet, sand dune, Australian pine wood, sandy beach, mangrove, mire pool, sea bird, far mountain, small village, walk into three second, give you the best felling!
20) It reminds you of placid rivulet, meandering smoothly through green pastures and shaded by pleasant trees.
21) As the snow began to melt and to run in rivulets, I held tighter to Charlie.
22) Jean sat back in her seat and watched the rivulets of rain run down the windscreen.
23) Springs had erupted in every hollow, and every path was a rivulet.
24) Fearon reappeared holding a towel, his black hair glistening wet and rivulets running down his swarthy skin.
25) I was literally soaked to the skin and could feel rivulets chasing each other down my bosom.
26) The snow began to melt and run in small rivulets.
27) Sweat had made my skin sticky, and had glued rivulets of sand to my spectacles.
28) I see you hold the edge of your skirt strid a rivulet.
29) For real cables in rain-wind weather, it is likely that water rivulet is non-uniform along cable axis and the phase lag between each part of rivulet movement will be incurred.
30) The maternal love is a rill, when the brook brook rivulet moistens our heart ~.
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