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Bigoted in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-03-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: bigotbigotrynotedrooteddevotedprotectedvigorpig outMeaning: ['bɪgətɪd]  adj. blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others. 
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1. Robert is a self-centred, ambitious and bigoted man.
2. He's infamous for his bigoted sense of humour.
3. He is so bigoted that it is impossible to argue with him.
4. She's so bigoted that she refuses to accept anyone who doesn't think like her.
5. He was bigoted and racist.
6. He was too narrow-minded and prejudiced - and bigoted.
7. Bigoted attitudes don't change very quickly.
8. You're the most bigoted man I've ever met.
9. But it was bigoted political obstinacy, not courage, which induced him to refuse to devalue the pound.
10. We're a bigoted, racist group of ox-cart reactionaries who don't know which way the wind's blowing.
11. It would be narrow-minded and bigoted not to welcome these convergent developments.
12. Most bigoted people are intolerant of opposition.
13. I'm afraid, i am still so bigoted and stubborn.
14. I'll concede you are not as bigoted as some.
15. Objective : To observe effect of treating bigoted facial paralysis by plum - blossom needle and embedding catgut.
16. Nor can all the blame be placed upon bigoted employers.
17. The family has been described variously as crass, bigoted, racist and plain boring.
18. The bigoted Communist who changes in a space of weeks, or even days, into an equally bigoted Trotskyist is a common spectacle.
19. The decision not to allow disabled athletes to take part was seen as petty and bigoted.
20. This was a predominantly Protestant force which soon came to be regarded as repressive and bigoted by the Catholic minority.
21. He believes the political right in America is becoming dangerously bigoted.
22. Immigrant workers, easy scapegoats for the newly reunited country's economic ills( ), have been the latest victims of bigoted violence.
23. She was finally an extraordinarily, if at time, quite subtly, bigoted woman.
24. She had always prided herself on her tolerance and open-mindedness - how dared he call her bigoted?
25. I hate Diderot, he is an ideologist, a declaimer, and a revolutionist, a believer in God at bottom, and more bigoted than Voltaire.
26. She knew that Emil was ashamed of Lou and Oscar because they were bigoted and self - satisfied.
27. Cuvier, with one eye on Genesis and the other on nature, tried to please bigoted reaction by reconciling fossils with texts and by making mastodons flatter Moses.
28. SCL-90 was composed of 90 items in 10 factors, including somatization, compulsion, interpersonal relationship, depression, anxiety, hostility, horror, bigoted and psychosis etc.
29. That sentence has been quoted again and again in support of the view that I am a bigoted, intolerant , closed-minded, intemperate ranter.
30. The most disturbing aspect of this article isn't anything that appears in the article itself, but rather the collection bigoted, jingoistic, and willfully ignorant remarks that followed.
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