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Repentant in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: penitentSimilar words: repentancerepentindependent agencyinstantaneousdependantdependenttantalizetantamountMeaning: [rɪ'pentənt]  adj. feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds. 
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1. He was repentant when he saw what he'd done.
2. She was not in the least repentant.
3. He was feeling guilty and depressed, repentant and scared.
4. His words left us all feeling suitably repentant.
5. The predator must become a repentant steward.
6. It is the sign of a repentant spirit.
7. There is no reference that the repentant adulteress in the New Testament was actually Mary.
8. That evening brought a repentant young husband, flowers and wine, an evening to themselves.
9. Another kid might be contrite or repentant or maybe subdued.
10. As a repentant sinner I pledge to swear off this hallucinogen.
11. Although anything less repentant than the way he was looking at her now, Folly thought, would be hard to imagine.
12. The villain has to die repentant before the young lady can marry the upright engineer.
13. If he is really repentant, we should forgive him.
14. She had fired off the repentant cable.
15. Give God a broken and repentant heart.
16. She even managed to look repentant, he thought.
17. He is repentant of his folly.sentence dictionary
18. And makes him be repentant of what he did.
19. The gunman, now in police custody, is repentant.
20. He is repentant of [ for ] his sins.
21. He could not believe that she was repentant - he would have nothing to do with her.
22. Zion will be redeemed with justice And her repentant ones with righteousness.
23. Her darling boy was to back to her repentant tender - hearted.
24. However, there is no guarantee that only the genuine repentant will produce works of value to the society.
25. If it makes it to the screen, expect a softer, more repentant Lorraine Page.
26. He did so, and also taught her to be repentant.
27. Jove seized his thunderbolt and hurled it at the rash, repentant driver.
28. After the events every time, however, I always be repentant of what I'm doing. So can't you want to say this is my fault?
29. The wife turns over book of 3 pieces of be repentant from wastebasket.
30. That, " said Billy Graham, "is how God treats repentant sinners!
More similar words: repentancerepentindependent agencyinstantaneousdependantdependenttantalizetantamountaccountantpentagoninterdependentcantankerousentangleindependentbe independent ofrepresentationrepresentativemisrepresentationhouse of representativesrepelrepeatdependrepealdeepenproportional representationrepeateddepend ondependingrepertoirerepeatedly
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