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Remelting in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2021-09-19Updated:2021-09-19
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1. Copper, brass and aluminium are separated and remelted for reuse.
2. Re-melting and alloying further complicate the situation.
3. Effect of laser surface remelting on performance of LY12CZ.
4. Both of the remelting and mixed source types of granite in South China are associated with W-Sn mineralization but the former is dominant .
5. The removal of non-metallic inclusion during remelting occurred mainly in stages of formation of dropets on the consumable electrode tip and dropets falling through the slag.
6. Its main feature is that measurement of remelting rate parameter has come out making use of weighing model which improves control condition on field.
7. The excimer laser remelting, alloying[], and depositing wore mainly looked at.
8. The results show that after TIG arc remelting treatment, the T-joint weld toe area can improve the shape of the weld toe, however, the area till shows a tensile residual stress state.
9. Remelting magmatism, hydrothermal circulation drived by heat from granitic bodies and concentration of water in thermal fluid may be the most important factors to mineralization of gold.
10. Crust source remelting series contains only anatectic magma stage. It experience the development processes from contaminated granite (porphyritic) to intrusive one (granular texture).
11. Argon arc remelting hardening is a new technology of manufacturing camshaft.
12. Experimental investigation of peculiarities of electroslag remelting of waste titanium chip to produce high-Ti ferro-titanium has been performed.
13. The quantity of magnesium ingot is improved though fitting the system of remelting and refining.
14. The quality and service performance of large cold roll produced by electroslag remelting(ESR) ingot can be obviously improved.
15. Introducing the FEA software ANSYS in numerical simulation, the spatial distribution of magnetic field generated around a high-current conductor during electro-slag remelting was investigated.
16. The texture of the sial is relatively complex. Granites and granodiorite in Indo-China and Yenshanian period were formed by remelting sial .
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. The technological parameters determine the metal pool profile and the grain size and orientation in the electroslag remelting process, and thus affect the the quality of the final ingot.
18. The microstructure characteristics and microsegregation of DD2 single crystal have been studied under ultra-high temperature gradient and rapid solidification conditions by laser rapid remelting.
19. Mesozoic Era granites in northwestern Fujian can be generally classified into two types: remelting type and syntectic type.
20. Using diaspore as raw material, alumina ceramic coating was prepared by plasma spray plus laser remelting technique.
21. This product can optimize and fine the shape and distribution of primary crystal and eutectic silicon. The modification is long acting and remelting modification efficacy can pass down.
22. This paper investigates the effects of the mother material content, the graphite form and the technological parameters on the performance of remelting layer.
23. Dahuabei granite genesis of Wulashan gold deposit belongs to the continental crust ( remould ) remelting type.
24. The relationship between thermoplasticity and structure of Mn 18 Cr 18 N electroslag remelting ( ESR ) steel as cast was investigated.
25. Once the crucible cooled, it contained a glass ingot ready to be sent to another workshop for remelting.
26. Such differences result in uneven eddy current density on electrode surface, which will affect the electrode remelting rate.
27. The eutectic growth of cast iron during rapid solidification has been studied with laser remelting and deep etching.
28. The breakthrough advancement of exploration in recent years on granitic type, remelting porphyritic type and syntectic porphyritic type ore deposits was discussed in detail.
29. The effects of technical parameters such as pulsed width and pulsed frequency, materials and materials thickness on the microhardness characteristics of laser remelting zone were studied.
30. The changes in chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of directionally solidified superalloy DZ125 during repeated remelting have been studied.
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