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Salting in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-08-26Updated:2018-08-26
Similar words: desaltingsaltinesaltinesshaltingexaltinghaltinglysalt isalt iiMeaning: [sɔːlt]  n. the act of adding salt to food. 
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1. He's been salting away money for years.
2. Now scientists have learned to make rain by salting clouds with certain chemicals.
3. Early settlers preserved meat by drying and salting it.
4. If salting eggplant before frying improves the texture by drawing off liquid, what about pressing the eggplant in addition?
5. They say salting improves the texture and decreases the amount of oil absorbed during cooking.
6. Another method of preparing fish is called dry salting.
7. Do you have substantial experience about salting?
8. Smoking [ Salting ] preserves food from decay.
9. Salting down stock is nearly the equivalent of investment.
10. Wooden boxes or baskets are used for dry salting.
11. Methods: Biological technique, including salting out , dialysis, ion - exchange chromatography and gel filtration, was used.
12. The processing of salting affected the TBARS value, carbonyl compounds while conjugated dienes significantly and the peroxide va...
13. Yesterday its president was accused of salting away tens of millions of dollars in foreign accounts.
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14. The chemical composition changes takes place during pickle salting process.
15. The erysipelas organism is quite resistant to salting, pickling, and smoking.
16. And while you're de - salting your diet, don't forget the salt in processed foods.
17. The processing of salting affected the TBARS value, carbonyl compounds while conjugated dienes significantly and the peroxide value changed evidently during the process of air-drying.
18. Purer Acetylcholinesterase was obtained through salting out by ammonium sulphate and ion exchanging.
19. The salting technique, processing condition and were introduced. The pickle technology and operation requirement of 17 different pickle chayotes were introduced respectively in this paper.
20. People in the Middle East, India and Egypt were salting, drying and smoking fish and meat 6000 years ago.
21. The pressing seemed to make little difference and only with the extended salting times.
22. He bought the light and many acres of marshland and salting surrounding it.
23. The city crews started downtown, clearing the streets and salting them and loading snow into dump trucks.
24. The technology of extracting pectin from fresh watermelon peel by the salting out method is studied through experiments of orthogonal matrix.
25. To preserve ( meat, for example ), as by salting, smoking(, or aging.
26. Would bask of basket lare using Wooden boxes or baskets are used for dry salting.
27. The recovery of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)from simulated desiring wastewater by new salting-out is investigated. The optimal component ratio of new salting agent is obtained through orthogonal experiment.
28. The expressed enzyme was purified by means of cell lysis, PEI precipitation, heat denaturation, salting out with ammonium sulfate and CM Sepharose fast flow chromatography.
29. Oxymyoglobin was partly oxidated into the met - myoglobin in the process of the ammonium sulfate salting - out.
30. Adding concentrated solution stable, long - term placement will not occur salting separation.
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