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Proteinase in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2018-09-16Updated:2018-09-16
Similar words: proteinmucoproteinproteinurialipoproteinglycoproteinplasma proteinapolipoproteinprotein moleculeMeaning: n. any enzyme that catalyzes the splitting of proteins into smaller peptide fractions and amino acids by a process known as proteolysis. 
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1. Fermentation conditions were important factors that effected acidic proteinase production in pure draft beer fermentation.
2. Some properties of proteinase in kiwifruit and its application to preparing meat tenderizer were investigated.
3. Conclusion: Chinese flowering quince proteinase plus excessive ventilation of the respirator can rapidly induce pulmonary emphysema models with dogs.
4. To study the effect of proteinase in development and lapsing in tonsillitis.
5. The marine low - temperature alkaline proteinase ( 40 % ) has middle irritation on the skin.
6. Proteinase inhibitor benzamidine hydrochloride hydrate could suppress the effects of tryptase on the cultured renal fibroblasts.
7. The active of chlorophyllase and proteinase went up. Under different drought conditions, middle stressed wheat showed obvious resistance.
8. It has excellent HIV proteinase inhibitor activity and can be used to treat AIDS.
9. Finally , the strains which can produce most Proteinase were selected to study enzymology and do mutagenize in order to elevate their ability about producing proteinase .
10. The recombinant serine proteinase of the present invention may be enriched in insect body wall to raise insect body wall degrading speed and raise pesticidal fungal virulence.
11. Chicken haematoglobin was hydrolyzed by acid proteinase and the hydrolysate was supplemented with 2.
12. The effect of temperature ,[] pH and proteinase inhibitor on this assay were also evaluated.
13. Chymase is a kind of serine proteinase, mainly exists in secretory granules of mast cell and extracellular Interstitium.
14. Bromelin, bacteria neutral proteinase, papain were used to hydrolyze the waste beer yeast, dregs of peanuts and dregs of beans.
15. The inactivation of sperm acrosin by proteinase inhibitors is a way for contraception at themoment.
16. Soil enzyme including phosphatase, urease, proteinase, catalase were analysed.
17. OBJECTIVE To discuss the inhibitive activity of proteinase of hypoxic cells radiosensitizer.
18. Chymotrypsin inhibitors(CIs) in insect haemolymph play a major function of proteinase controlling which is essential to life, and they are also important factors in innate immune system.
19. To hydrolyze the sea cucumber collagen, four proteases are used as follows:3942 neutral proteinase, trypsin, papain, bromelain.
20. In this paper, collagen peptide powder from the shark skin was prepared by some biochemistry techniques including proteinase hydrolysis, spray torrefaction.
21. Rosema is used for extracting natural antioxidant and volatile oil and carica papaya is used in extracting natural proteinase, producing flavor food and enzyme preparation for decomposing garbage.
22. CONCLUSION: There were no remarkable differences between the Leiwan proteinase obtained by the method of Omphalia Lapidescens Schroet strain fermenting, and the natural Leiwan proteinase.
23. The human tissue kallikrein is a subgroup of serine proteinase family wich contains 15 genes.
24. This paper deals with the influences of herbicide mefenacet on soil respiration and the activities of dehydrogenase, catalase , urease, proteinase and phosphorylase in paddy soil.
25. DH of the paphia undulate meat by the crude proteinase from the pineapple in 70 %.
26. To hydrolyze sea cucumber collagen , four proteases are used as follows : 3942 neutral proteinase, trypsin, papain, bromelain.
27. This isbecause in the pineapple includes the biological glucoside and thepineapple proteinase.
28. A fish protein hydrolysate was priqared from Anchovy Engraulis japonicus by using a neutral proteinase from Bacillus subtilis (AS1398-ase).
29. The cross-linked enzyme aggregate can be applied to immobilization of proteinase, dextranase and the like.
30. Plasmin and plasminogen is a major pair of alkaline proteinase in milk, which affects dairy products by hydrolyzing milk proteins.
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