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Proteinuria in a sentence

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Similar words: proteinlipoproteinglycoproteinc-reactive proteinalbuminuriavote inanuriaalbert einsteinMeaning: n. the presence of excessive protein (chiefly albumin but also globulin) in the urine; usually a symptom of kidney disorder. 
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1 In Bence Jones proteinuria there is an oVerproduction of one type of light chain by a single clone of plasma cells.
2 In the case of proteinuria and haematuria these may include urography or morphological studies of urinary red cells, together with renal biopsy.
3 To study proteinuria with agarose gel zone electrophoresis.
4 Whether proteinuria provides additional prognostic information is not known.
5 Proteinuria and hematuria were assessed by dipstick.
6 Orthostatic proteinuria or latent nephritis?
7 Renal biopsies of patients with proteinuria and kidney disease most often are associated with podocyte foot process effacement.
8 Haematuria and(or) proteinuria presenting during the first 6 months course, the HSP should be diagnosed.
9 The major clinical manifestation are proteinuria, hypertension, oedema to varying degrees.
10 Herein we assessed the association between proteinuria, graft histology and survival.
11 CONCLUSION: Simvastatin can decrease lipidemia, associated to the proteinuria decrease and the protection of renal function.
12 Objective: To observe the effect of irbesartan on proteinuria in benign arteriolar nephrosclerosis patients.
13 Frequent prenatal visits for monitoring maternal lood pressure, proteinuria,( and fundal growth and by periodic sonographic estimation of fetal size are recommended.
14 To determine whether symptomatic or asymptomatic UTI causes proteinuria or albuminuria.
15 Results Among 42 cases electrophoresis indicated 27 glomerular proteinuria; 15 mixed proteinuria.
16 These women, however, do not have proteinuria, edema, or convulsions.
17 Additional reasons for checking the blood pressure are marked retinopathy or any evidence of proteinuria.
18 Many physicians also believe that simple renal cysts commonly cause microscopic haematuria and mild proteinuria.
19 Results: Clinically, the child with Wegener's granulomatosis had multi-system involvement, hematuria, proteinuria and damaged renal function.
20 Conclusion: Although hematuria was its predominant findings, TBMN also manifested severe proteinuria, even nephrotic syndrome.
21 Objective To analyze the composition characteristics of diabetic nephropathy ( DN ) proteinuria with non - concentrated proteinuria electrophoresis.
22 Angiotensin receptor antagonist ( ARB ) can also decrease proteinuria excretion, which big dose is superior to routine dose.
23 The podocyte lesion not only is associated with the degree of proteinuria, but also correlates with the development of glomerulosclerosis and damage of renal function.
24 Guidelines recommend screening for urinary tract infection ( UTI ) when proteinuria is detected.
25 Objective:To study the effects of Candesartan and Felodipine on microscale proteinuria and renal function of patients with Diabetes nephroma.
26 There were some common presentations for hypothyroidism and renal failure, such as edema, anemia, hypodynamia, anorexia, pericardial effusion, proteinuria and renal failure.
27 Urine from cat with FIC is typically concentrated and is of acid pH, haematuria and proteinuria but without bacteriuria.
28 Objective To evaluate the clinical value that using protein-to-creatinine ratio(P/C) trailed adult asymptomatic proteinuria.
29 Objective:To study the effect of Pentoxifylline on hypercoagulation and proteinuria in first choice of patients with primary nephrotic syndrome.
30 A female, term neonate presented with generalized edema, heavy proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia in the second week of life.
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