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Glycoprotein in a sentence

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Similar words: proteinc-reactive proteinglycollycopeneglycogenglycolysisglycosuriavote inMeaning: n. a conjugated protein having a carbohydrate component. 
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1 Glycoproteins by R. C. Hughes also fills a definite gap in the literature.
2 Carbohydrate microarray could identify and characterize whole glycoprotein structures of intact cells, which is high-throughput technology for glycan analysis.
3 Glycoprotein structures allow the human egg to identify the human sperm, thus making fertilization possible.
4 Methods:The labelling method is NaIO4-mediated glycoprotein oxidation method.
5 The glycoprotein G gene of pseudorabies virus Hubei strain was amplified by PCR, sequenced and analyzed.
6 High expression of P - glycoprotein is mainly responsible for the multi drug resistance in human bladder cancer.
7 P - glycoprotein is one of the members in the superfamily of ATP - binding cassette transporters.
8 Glycoprotein A conjugated protein formed by the combination of a protein with carbohydrate side chains.
9 Objective To study the alteration in the glycoprotein combined with BS-1 on the mucosal surface of the oviduct after chlamydial trachomatis (CT) infection.
10 Fetuin - A , an acute phase glycoprotein, is one of the more powerful circulating inhibitors of hydroxyapatite formation.
11 During these final stages host enzymes attach carbohydrate groups to certain viral proteins, converting them into glycoproteins.
12 Blood group factor H has been reported to blind preferentially to endothelial cells as well as intestinal mucins and other glycoproteins.
13 The scan score correlated well with C-reactive protein and alpha-1 acid glycoprotein.
14 The main chemical constituent of mucus is a waterproof high molecular weight glycoprotein.
15 Two open arrowheads delimit the putative binding region with the dystrophin-associated glycoproteins.
16 It showed a positive reaction in periodic acid Schiff's glycoprotein staining test.
17 The recent research progress in analysis techniques and methods of extract and isolate glycoprotein from sample, release the glycan and identify its structure are introduced.
18 The invention is suitable for large-scale production and can be widely used for separation and purification of polysaccharide and glycoprotein of all kinds of pteridophyte.
19 Objective To study the relation between the clinical feature and glycoprotein D gene sequence analysis of a wild strain of HSV-2 isolated from one relapsed patient with genital herpes.
20 In the sporophytic SI system of the cabbage family, the S gene is actually two linked loci(, one producing a glycoprotein and the other a receptor kinase.
21 The immunoglobulins ( Igs ) , most of them are glycoprotein, play an important role on humoral immune.
22 Boar sperm lectin(BSL)located on the sperm head has been found to bind to both the sperm proteins and the zona pellucida glycoprotein ZP3.
23 Platelet activation by P-selectin and monocyte cell surface P-selectin glycoprotein ligand- 1 combine to form PMA.
24 Employing computer analysis,[] gp 37 was show as a late gene encoding a 37 kDa glycoprotein.
25 Primary culture of human embryonic hepatocytes was employed to study the effects of catecholamine and thrombin on the secretion of histidine rich glycoprotein(HRG).
26 The research progress in analysis techniques and methods of extract and isolate glycoprotein from sample, release the glycan and identify its structure in recent years are introduced.
27 A new rapid method for purifying serum α _ 1 - acid glycoprotein ( α _ 1 AGP ) is presented.
28 What makes the fruit strange and miraculous, is miraculin (a sugar substitute), which is found in large quantities in the fruit, combined with a glycoprotein.
29 Straight edge: The miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum), native to West Africa, contains a glycoprotein called miraculin that binds to taste receptors on the tongue and makes sour foods taste sweet.
30 Vitamins function as photoreceptor mechanism of retina, maintenance of integrity of epithelia, lysosome stability, glycoprotein synthesis.
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