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Piteous in a sentence

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Similar words: write outin spite ofcourteousdiscourteousrighteousnesswrite offspitejupiterMeaning: ['pɪtɪəs]  adj. deserving or inciting pity. 
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1. The dog gave a piteous cry.
2. The kitten gave a piteous cry.
3. As they pass by, a piteous wailing is heard.
4. She gave a long piteous cry.
5. The massacre was shameful, the losses piteous.
6. Irritable, piteous wailing, even a snarling cry.
7. A piteous cry revealed the occupants' identity.
8. Angry, snarling crying; piteous moaning.
9. Nor did he have to present himself as piteous in order to feed his everlasting hunger for sympathy.
10. But finally she is apparently moved by the piteous sight of the distressed supplicant and laboriously counts out 995 roubles change.
11. We heard piteous sounds of suffering and pain.
12. I show great compassion to this piteous lady.
13. Because you are really piteous.
14. Oh, a group of selfish piteous creatures!
15. John looked piteous(, like a drowned mouse.
16. Its teeth clacked, and a piteous whine rose from its throat.
17. A piteous lowercase salesperson locomotion in here on your safekeeping and knees and solicitation for help.
18. They. made piteous lamentation to us to save them(Daniel Defoe.
19. The politician found the piteous cries of the starving children unbearable.
20. Nothin but a piteous lowercase $ 500 justness in a chronicle shelter policy.
21. We felt piteous for him because no one could accompany or play with him.
22. Grin stood at the top of the stairway and let out a piteous yowl.
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23. When my sister was upset, she would cry and great piteous tears would roll from her eyes.
24. The first situation is not fear - inspiring or piteous, but simply odious to us.
25. Wes knows instinctively that I am the source of his agony, the guarder of the boycott, the enemy of delicious and forbidden Chinese items, the force whose will he must break with piteous cries.
26. Then, as I probed them, one sprang up, and stared With piteous recognition in fixed eyes, Lifting distressful hands, as if to bless.
27. The other deities were vexed beyond words , but dared attempt no rescue for all her piteous cries.
28. Sunddenly the wolf trembled. Its teeth clacked, and a piteous whine rose from its throat.
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