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Pick up in a sentence

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Sentence count:241+19 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: apprehendarrestcall forcatchcollarcollectcopdiscoverelatefind outgain vigorgather upget a lineget windget wordhearintoxicatelearnlift upnabnailpeckpercolateperkperk upreceiveseeturn aroundupliftSimilar words: pickupback upcheck uppickpick outpick offkicktrickMeaning: v. 1. take and lift upward 2. take up by hand 3. give a passenger or a hitchhiker a lift 4. gather or collect 5. get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally 6. get in addition, as an increase 7. take into custody 8. buy casually or spontaneously 9. register (perceptual input) 10. lift out or reflect from a background 11. meet someone for sexual purposes 12. fill with high spirits; fill with optimism 13. get better 14. perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily 15. eat by pecking at, like a bird 16. gain or regain energy. 
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1. The pupil leaned to the ground to pick up a wallet.
2. If you fail now, who will pick up the pieces?
3. The People's Front expect to pick up a lot more votes in this year's elections.
4. The trucks waited at the warehouse to pick up their loads.
5. Could you do me a favour and pick up Sam from school today?
6. Can I just pick up on your first point again, please?
7. She stooped down to pick up the child.
8. She bent down to pick up her glove.
9. Can you pick up the pen for me?
10. When you're in town could you pick up the books I ordered?
11. She bent forward to pick up the newspaper.
12. The Government's political enemies were quick to pick up on this series of disasters.
13. The train began to pick up speed .
14. As Jim bent over to pick up the pen, he felt a sharp pain in his back.
15. He knelt down to pick up his hat.
16. Tom bent to the ground to pick up the book.
17. Sometimes she would pick up the telephone and natter to Charles.
18. It only took me an hour to learn/pick up the rudiments of skiing.
19. She bent to pick up a coin from the floor.
20. Pick up line one. It's Mr. Peck.
21. If business doesn't pick up soon, the company will go down the tubes.
22. He was trying to pick up some cash scalping tickets.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. I'd like to pick up what you said earlier.
24. Children pick up on our worries and anxieties.
25. At the last lap John held him, and then began to pick up on him.
26. It is possible to plug into remote databases to pick up information.
27. They were made to listen to white noise, such as static of the sort you might pick up between radio stations.
28. We'll meet again in the morning and we can pick up where we left off .
29. Mary watched the other dancers to see if she could pick up any tips.
30. The dog turned tail when he saw the man pick up a stone to throw at him.
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