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Pharmacologic in a sentence

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Similar words: pharmacologicalpharmacologistpharmacologypsychopharmacologypharmacopeiapharmacopoeiapharmacokineticspharmacodynamicsMeaning: adj. of or relating to pharmacology. 
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1. The authors recommend against routine Pharmacologic therapy in Patients with these subsets of primary hyperuricemia for several reasons.
2. The judges of the pharmacologic experiments.
3. Objective To observe the pharmacologic effect of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide ( GLP ) in protecting liver.
4. The sevies of literatures were reviewed on pharmacologic and toxicologic research survey of Herbe Houttuyniae and its clinical practice in ophthalmology.
5. The addition of pharmacologic agents can often increase the positive yield of tilt table testing.
6. Includes color photos of dermatologic and ophthalmic conditions, pharmacologic considerations throughout, and tables of critical differential diagnoses.
7. Pharmacologic treatment of postoperative hypertension includes usage of vasodilators, adrenergic inhibitors, and calcium channel blockers.
8. The article will review pharmacologic action and clinical research progression of frequently used traditio...
9. In this paper, Chemical composition, pharmacologic action and clinic application of Desmodium triquetrum (L. )DC. were reviewed.
10. The pharmacologic action and clinical investigation of new anti-atrial fibrillation drugs, such as dofetilide, sotalol, ibutilide are reviewed in this paper.
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11. In the pharmacologic realm, intravenous midazolam has proven to have excellent sedative and anxiolytic properties (Table 77.1).
12. Various mechanisms have been reported, including vasoconstrictor substances, pharmacologic stimuli, and neurohumoral effects.
13. Authors studied and compared with the pharmacologic effect of three species of Ferula on the gastroenteric tract of rats.
14. Above-mentioned 8 herbs mostly have the pharmacologic function of the central nervous system, such as sedative-hypnotic effect and promoting the learning memory etc.
15. This paper studies the results and pharmacologic effects of the liquid extracted from Elephantopus scaber L. in curing three major symptoms of bronchitis (cough, sputum and stridor).
16. Objectives: We hypothesized that deletion or pharmacologic inhibition of PI3K would impair the lung inflammatory response to the prototypic gram-positive bacterial pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae.
17. What pharmacologic agents can increase the yield of the tilt test?
18. Multivariable analysis comparing all cause mortality risk reduction associated with pharmacologic agents in patients with and without DM.
19. The analysis suggests that NSAID-associated upper GI toxicity is the result of two pharmacologic features: drug exposure and sparing of COX-1 activity.
20. Chinese rhubarb is a kind of widely used Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has many active ingredient and wide pharmacologic action.
21. Methods Based on the literature about Portulaca oleracea L. at home and abroad, the constituents and the pharmacologic action were reviewed respectively.
22. The chemical content of injectio cerebral cell active factor, was determined by modern analytic determination methods, inorder to study pharmacologic work better.
23. Modern medical research indicates that Sedum aizoon L. has several pharmacologic action, such as nourishing heart and tranquilizing mind, anti-hyperlipemia, hematischesis.
24. Holothurian saponins is a secondary metabolites inside the sea cucumber, and has a broad range of physiologic and pharmacologic activity, therefore it possess enormous potential application value.
25. Conclusion Gardenin has regulatory effect on the gene expression in rats with focal cerebral ischemia, which elucidates part of the pharmacologic mechanism of Qingkailing in molecular level.
26. In fact gastric emptying does not occur with incretin therapy where as it does occur with GLP 1 analog therapy used at pharmacologic levels.
27. The present invention further provides a prosthodontic device for administering pharmacologic, tooth whitening and breath freshening compounds.
28. "These pre-clinical data provide the first firm basis for advancing pharmacologic ascorbate in cancer treatment in humans, " the researchers conclude.
29. This article will give brief introduction on the recent research work relating to radices pueraria s main composition, pharmacologic effect and clinical application.
30. Results: To sum up the research situation of the pharmacologic effect of Lentinan.
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