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Pathologic in a sentence

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Similar words: pathologicalpathologistmythologicalpathologyornithologicalhistopathologyneuropathologypsychopathologyMeaning: ['pæθə'lɑdʒk /-'lɒd-]  adj. 1. caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology 2. of or relating to the practice of pathology. 
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1, To distinguish the latter pathologic conditions from normal pregnancy, serial assays should be determined.
2, It is also possible to predict under what pathologic circumstances excretion of free water would be impaired.
3, Pathologic examination showed that the periradicular tissue consisted of the granulation with vascularization and many inflammatory cell infiltrations.
4, Objective : To study the imaging characteristics and pathologic findings of idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis ( IPH ).
5, Objective:To study the spiral CT appearances and pathologic findings of sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma (SRCC) to improve its diagnostic accuracy.
6, Objective This paper is to investigate the pathologic features of the renal oncocytoma and make differential diagnosis with other renal epithelial tumors holding eosinophilic cytoplasm.
7, Objective To discuss the histogenesis, clinical and pathologic characteristics of carcinosarcoma of the bladder(CB).
8, Objective: To explore the clinical pathologic characteristics, prognostic factors and early diagnosis and therapy of cornual pregnancy in first and second trimester.
9, The severity and timing of the pathologic process continue to be the major determinants for outcome.
10, Purpose To investigate the clinical pathologic features of chronic progressive ophthalmoplegia ( CPEO ).
11, Objective To observe the pathologic changes of ganglion cell and nerve plexus in internal anus sphincter of rats with congenital anorectal malformations (ARM).
12, Objective : To investigate the Clinical pathologic characteristics and differential diagnosis of Bizarre leiomyoma of uterus.
13, AIM To study the usefulness remote mail pathologic service of the pediatric renopuncture tissues.
14, Objective To illustrate the clinical features,( pathologic histology and the change of ultramicrostructure of hemiatrophy.
15, Objective To study on basic Volt-ampere (V-A) characteristics of human acupoints and the changes with physiologic and pathologic changes, and probe their biophysical basis.
16, Inflammation is a defensive reaction to destructive stimulus by organism, it is a physiologic or pathologic process.
17, The subnormal function status of the eustachian tube and the low-degree infection in pathologic process of otitis media probably are basic causes of silence nature of otitis media.
18, Results:We found some signs are of great importance:opaque glass sign, alveolar nodular sign, pathologic air bronchogram sign.
19, Methods: Ultrasonography was performed in 5 patients with abdominal pregnancy. The sonographic results were correlated with surgical and pathologic findings.
20, Our results showed that ocular muscle paralysis was one of the most common complications among the elderly diabetics and micrangium pathologic changes were the pathogenetic basis.
21, Objective To review the difference of esophageal Carcinoma Lesions and their location through X-ray, esophagoscopy and pathologic samples.
22, The method can also be used for the examination of Brucella DNA in serum or other aborted pathologic materials.
23, Bring homology functional disorder, constitution change and substance metabolism anomaly, appearing a vary of pathologic alleosis and bedside symptom .
24, Amenorrhea is a common symptom of gynecological endocrine disorders, including primary and secondary amenorrhea. Most of the primary amenorrhea result from pathologic factors.
25, During the orthodontic processing(, the resorption of tooth root and pathologic changes of pulp always happened.
26, During correction of a scoliotic deformity, when trying to correct the pathologic rotation, not knowing the physiologic rotation can be hazardous.
27, Conclusion: Metallothionein is excessively expressed in bladder cancer, and its expression is related with pathologic differentiation degree.
28, Objective: A new method is introduced to extract vacuole nucleus in the lymphoma pathologic image automatically.
29, These studies reveal ESM-1 as a novel mediator of lymphangiogenesis and as a potential target for the inhibition of pathologic lymphatic vessel activation.
30, Objective To evaluate the effect of leflunomide treatment for lupus nephritis (LN). To analyze pathologic type transformation through repeated renal biopsies.
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