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Oscillation in a sentence

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Sentence count:207Posted:2017-06-06Updated:2017-06-06
Synonym: cyclevibrationSimilar words: oscillatingoscillatevacillationdistillationoscilloscopevacillatingscintillatingcollationMeaning: [ɑsɪ'leɪʃn /ɒs-]  n. 1. the process of oscillating between states 2. (physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean 3. a single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon. 
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1. Some oscillation of the fuselage had been noticed on early flights.
2. Economists predict continuing oscillation of the Japanese yen.
3. Such changes in length cause a corresponding oscillation in the fringe pattern.
4. When the string is short, the oscillation is always fast.
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5. Instead, there is an oscillation of meaning between the four poles that make up the Lacanian quadrature.
6. A study of simple programmes that encourage oscillation between growth and decline can be both instructive and a spur to the imagination.
7. The single factor that controls the rate of oscillation or movement of the pendulum is the length of the string.
8. Rate of signal oscillation in hertz.
9. Further Radio monitoring, Oscillation and Narrow band are offered.
10. Purpose: High frequency amplifier, oscillation and mixing amplification.
11. The sandstone shows a more persistent oscillation.
12. the oscillation of the compass needle.
13. A mathematic model of the linear damped oscillation of swing with parameter exciting is presented. The theoretical analysis and numerical simulation for the motion behavior of swing is done.
14. The relaxation oscillation is proved through temporal behavior of the thin-beam drift ina infinite space.
15. The liquid helps to support the weight of the compass card, and also dampens oscillation.
16. The law of market price is the law of oscillation in this system.
17. The result throughout this period was a continuous struggle between republican and Orangist groups and an uneasy oscillation of power between them.
18. Table 6. 1 shows these four combinations and the observed results on oscillation.
19. The tanks travelled up and down the incline with a freeboard of about nine inches and little water oscillation.
20. When the string is long, regardless of the weight, the oscillation of the pendulum is always slow.
21. Some of these O 3 datasets have been analysed without completely eliminating the dynamical variations related to the quasi-biennial oscillation.
22. The temperature pattern also reverses when the pattern of atmospheric pressure of the southern oscillation reverses.
23. The equation shows that the magnetic induction intensity is a sinusoidal oscillation signal and its amplitude is a damped exponential law.
24. The tester , with high sampling frequency , analyses the damped oscillation which is obtained and digitally calculates the RMS value from the oscillation (ST) of each bar .
25. At present, the RC phase shift oscillating still has great importance in some electronic equipments whose oscillation frequency is formed but not having high expectations for ware.
26. In the same time, the dynamical performances of the moving platform will vary if changing the performance parameters of the linear motor and the natural oscillation frequency of the platform.
27. The system is suits the controlled plants with pure delay property especially . It can restrain the oscillation of the system.
28. Due to the comparison between theoretical analysis of pulse forming circuit's damped oscillation and experiment results, the working principle of MS was mastered.
29. In 1940, Dudley produced the first speech synthesizer through imitation of mechanical vibration using electrical oscillation.
30. How to gain an optimum relationship between power consumption, phase noise, time of starting oscillation and tuning range is the main point focused in this design.
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