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Mobilization in a sentence

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Synonym: militarisationmilitarizationmobilisationSimilar words: demobilizationstabilizationutilizationcivilizationfertilizationrationalizationnationalizationmobilizeMeaning: [‚məʊbɪlaɪ'zeɪʃn]  n. 1. act of assembling and putting into readiness for war or other emergency: "mobilization of the troops" 2. act of marshaling and organizing and making ready for use or action. 
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1. One is the mobilization of a national campaign sponsored by dynamic government leaders and involving mass participation by the people.
2. It must involve the total mobilization of the creative energies, imagination and problem-solving capacities of the entire nation.
3. What helped us was the mobilization of the families, the relatives, to sensitize public opinion and the media.
4. The secretariat for Mass Mobilization and Revolutionary Guidance was abolished.
5. The fabric of political debate and mobilization is both narrower and wider.
6. Initially, mobilization had served to increase government control of public affairs.
7. Both measures of social mobilization are used to demonstrate the contours of social movement activity in the four cases.
8. Yet the major lines of conflict and political mobilization evident in liberal democracies often do not appear class-based.
9. In any liberal democracy a mobilization of bias is cumulatively created by the outcomes of political and social conflicts.
10. The recent Mobilization for Global Justice raises the question: economic boom for whom?
11. Mobilization became more difficult but community-based resistance against police violence, racial harassment, and other problems continued.
12. Fourth, the process of state-building featured mobilization of popular support against domestic and foreign opponents.
13. When it happens there is a mobilization of thought and will for voluntary participation in something worthwhile.
14. The mobilization of large numbers of white males for the war effort in-creased apprehension among the population at home.
15. The massive mobilization attendant upon the regime was accompanied by a decline in sectional and local attitudes and loyalties.
16. They cited the unprecedented mobilization of people, money and executive attention for the repair effort.
17. General mobilization was designed to raise the strength to 32 million,(Sentencedict) but this number was almost doubled in 1914.
18. Any struggle rooted in politicized and grass-roots mobilization is bound to overshadow even the most earnest efforts of politically inhibited endeavors.
19. Brutal repression broke the strike, and mobilization for the war initially subdued the labour movement.
20. Meanwhile, Dudayev had ordered a general mobilization, and claimed a share of Soviet military hardware.
21. Poor Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Mobilization or Poor Harvest?
22. They have already begun their national mobilization for war.
23. Number odds mobilization, the number column prompted discoloration. 8.
24. There the political system has several characteristics that particularly facilitate the mobilization of small groups of people to influence decisions.
25. At the beginning the immigrants' lack of experience and poor organization hampered mobilization, and so other workers struck first.
26. From his side of the racial divide, the ordeal of mobilization proved simply redundant.
27. The relative autonomy of law has to be constantly maintained by successful working-class mobilization into politics and the labour movement.
28. Some problems of aggregation remain for the relative deprivation perspective, but the examination of groups works well for the mobilization perspective.
29. What if you got them all appealing on the same wavelength behind political mobilization?
30. And within a few years after Keynes, the level of production became the critical factor in war mobilization.
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