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Lysis in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2017-08-26Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: analysisdialysiscatalysisparalysishemolysisglycolysishydrolysiscost analysisMeaning: n. 1. recuperation in which the symptoms of an acute disease gradually subside 2. (biochemistry) dissolution or destruction of cells such as blood cells or bacteria. 
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1. Specific lysis was calculated by the standard formula and values in the absence of peptide subtracted to yield the values shown.
2. Initial police reports indicated that he had suffered lysis from the stabbing.
3. At high calcium concentration they fuse without lysis.
4. Plasmid DNAs were prepared by alkali lysis and purified with polyethylene glycol 8000. Restriction enzyme analysis show that both genes are well-constructed suitable for transgenic animal experiment.
5. Hence, a successful industry ana - lysis will have to identify the underlying fac - tors driving demand and supply.
6. Lysis of the hematoma with various enzymes, such as urokinase or tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), and drainage of liquefied clot has become an alternative.
7. As the final lysis of his disease, his skin returned to its original color.
8. The ELT (euglobulin lysis time) of healthy rabbits and visceral rheumatism patients was measured in order to find out the effect of ascorbic acid on fibrinolysis system.
9. The lysis of the brain takes place only hours after death.
10. Yersinia pestis phage lysis test was an important method on differentiation between Yersinia pestis and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis.
11. The recombination fusion protein was purified by lysis, washing, denaturation and renaturation. The specific band of expression was excised from the gel and used to immunize mice .
12. The virions are released by lysis of the host cell.
13. The release of phage particles from the host bacterium always occurs by lysis of the cell and results in the death of the host.
14. However, the recovery of recombinant proteins hinges largely on the ability to effectively induce cell lysis.
15. "The decision circuit is a race between two pathways and in the case of a single virus, the outcome is biased toward lysis, " explained Weitz.
16. Obvious clinical manifestations, diagnosis is relatively straightforward, taking knee joint lateral retinaculum lysis. Some patients taking cartilage lesions clean-up and drilling in the treatment.
17. New equivalent target expression was derived by theoretical ana- lysis based on the principle of energy equivalence instead of strength equivalence.
18. The inhibin plasmid DNA was extracted and purified by alkaline lysis method and DEAE-fiber column chromatography and its concn.
19. All cases were definitely diagnosed and divided into stages via laparoscopy and according to stages lysis of adhesions or ostomy was performed laparoscopically.
20. Bacteriophage lysins are lytic agents used by double-stranded DNA(dsDNA) phages to coordinate bacterial cell wall lysis.
21. There are three main methods, drop collapse, oil spreading, and blood agar lysis(, to detect biosurfactant production.
22. Chemotherapy alone often makes leucocytic cell break apart , then following the "tumor lysis syndrom ". So the rate of early mortality usually greater than 50%.
23. The karyotheca dilated and mitochondria swollen with disintegration and lysis of cristae in renal tubular epithelial cells.
24. Objective: Discusses under the arthroscope bin the flank retinaculum lysis and refers to at the treatment knee joint osseous arthritis's application value drafts the choice.
25. The present results support the hypothesis that an enhanced cellulase activity is involved in the lysis of cortical cells leading to aerenchyma formation under a waterlogged condition.
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26. AIM : To investigate the effects of containing on coagulation time, prothrombin time and euglobulin lysis time.
27. We reviewed the research progress in TLF and its role in trypanosome lysis as well as the mechanism of SRA against the TLF.
28. An efficient segmentation method based upon fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering principles is proposed. The approach utilizes a pyramid data structure for the hierarchical ana- lysis of color images.
29. The structural change of kaolinite at different temperature has been studied by X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, IR spectrography, X-ray fluorescence spectrometric ana lysis and other methods.
30. Hyperuricemia is associated with and progression of gout, cardiovascular diseases, tumor lysis syndrome and renal disease.
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