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Catalysis in a sentence

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Sentence count:149Posted:2017-07-23Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: contact actionSimilar words: catalystcatalyseanalysisdialysisparalysispsychoanalysischemical analysiscost-benefit analysisMeaning: [kə'tælɪsɪs]  n. acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction. 
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1. Enzymatic catalysis involves the breaking and making of different chemical bonds.
2. TOF-SARS in catalysis TOF-SARS has applications in catalysis as an elemental and structural analysis technique.
3. Organic Synthesis, Organic Catalysis, Organic Structure Analysis, Green Chemistry.
4. Catalysis has increased the rate of reaction.
5. Catalysis may be either homogeneous or heterogenous.
6. The catalysis follows a hydroxy radical pathway.
7. The catalysis effect of sodium hypophosphite on the fabric crease-resistant finishing with citric acid was investigated.
8. The results show that the micellar catalysis is an effective way to realize the chloromethylation.
9. The applications of microbial cell immobilization, enzymatic catalysis in nonaqueous solvents and mixed culture in pharmaceutical industry were highlighted.
10. UV Raman spectroscopy and its applications in catalysis are introduced.
11. Italian chemist who worked on catalysis and developed a scheme for the synthesis of artificial rubber.
12. Diisobutylene was synthesized by the catalysis of molecular sieve[], and the effect of temperature and airspeed on the reaction was investigated.
13. The aqueous organometallic chemistry and catalysis have become more and more important in the study of "GreedChemistry".
14. The influences of additive sequence and phase transfer catalysis are investigated.
15. X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic techniques continue to provide important clues, leading towards an understanding of the remarkable specificity of enzymatic catalysis.
16. Thus, residue Cys 177 is identified as essential for catalysis.
17. However, nobody had made the conclusive step of considering the consequences of this, namely the chain of muon catalysis reactions.
18. Linkage of the addition reaction to the molecular mechanism of catalysis therefore depends on demonstration of sequence specificity.
19. In this study, a new idea that RDF is made with catalysis of alkali, alkali earth or transition metal salts. The addition of the catalysts is to low ignition and burn off temperature temperature.
20. The preparation process of trimesic from mesitylene by air in a liquid phase oxidation under normal pressure with the catalysis of cobalt acetate and sodium bromide was studied.
21. Indcating effective suppression of trimethylamine(TMA) format ion over the zeolites, which is due to the shape selective catalysis of zeolites.
22. The development of new molecular sieves, engineering development in the manufacture of molecular sieves and combination of zeolite catalysis with separation technology are also discussed.
23. In this paper, the latest advances in the application of silicoaluminophosphate ( SAPO ) molecular sieves to isomeric catalysis are reviewed.
24. Acid-base cooperativity is commonly invoked in enzymatic and catalytic antibody catalysis.
25. A rearrangement reaction of 3 - butyl phthalide to 1 - methyl - 5 - carboxyl - tetrahydronaphthalene under the catalysis of A1C13 by hydride transfer was observed.
26. The Benzyl acetate was prepared from benzyl chloride and sodium acetate by phase transfer catalysis.
27. Propyl glycidyl ether ( PGE ) was obtained from propyl alcohol and epichlorohydrin by phase - transfer catalysis.
28. Especially by the TS-1 modified with trimethylchlorosilane, much higher catalytic activity was achieved than by parent TS-1 zeolite in the phase-boundary catalysis.
29. In this paper, the synthesis technology of acylates under the catalysis of heteropolyacid and the polymerization reaction of acrylates retarded by heteropolyacid were studied and discussed.
30. This review deals with the recent progress on micellar catalysis.
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