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Laissez-faire in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-01-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: individualisticlaissez-faireSimilar words: laissez fairefairfairyfairlyunfairaffairfair playrenaissanceMeaning: adj. with minimally restricted freedom in commerce laissez faire. n. the doctrine that government should not interfere in commercial affairs. 
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1. They have a laissez-faire approach to bringing up their children .
2. They were non-religious, anti-socialist and supported laissez-faire economics.
3. The development of Docklands is anything but laissez-faire economics.
4. Market-orientated(, almost laissez-faire attitudes figured ever more prominently in the Conservative Party when in opposition in the 1970s.
5. Proponents of this laissez-faire approach have however themselves been challenged.
6. The least they did was to adopt a laissez-faire attitude or one of deliberate non-interference so that the women felt free of pressure.
7. Regulation can vary from laissez-faire to the oppressive and capricious.
8. All these are vital modifications to the laissez-faire model.
9. With laissez-faire leadership, the manager adopts a more hands-off policy, leaving his staff for the most part to their own devices.
10. Hong Kong, of course, sets greater store by laissez-faire principles.
11. I am taking a more laissez-faire approach to life, and not trying to control it, based on my need for stuff.
12. laissez-faire French capital theoretically stricter than hardline Sudan in the fashion stakes.
13. For all its laissez-faire rhetoric, the Reagan administration fought fire with fire, responding to Japan's market-distorting industrial and trade policies with a firm hand.
14. Financially speaking, family life Housing, if not laissez-faire handling of vacant, has always been "dead money" prices to reflect that many people do not do so.
15. The problems began long before he became headteacher, but they worsened with his laissez-faire approach/attitude.
16. Verne Johnson, another leader of the Minnesota reform movement, puts it well: I am not for laissez-faire.
17. Thus we might expect to move gradually to a more participative or laissez-faire approach.
18. Under these circumstances it was hardly surprising that the police adopted a laissez-faire policy.
19. To live under an effectively working constitution is not the same as living under a regime of moral laissez-faire.
20. At the bottom of the continuum are commonly used labels ranging from autocratic to laissez-faire.
21. In the light of this we briefly consider rules and laissez-faire approaches to mergers as alternatives to that of pragmatic cost-benefit.
22. After the Williams Report, it was very hard to argue convincingly for a laissez-faire approach to screen entertainment.
23. On receiving the petition demanding Outram's resignation they stuck to the principle of laissez-faire.
24. But the liberalising trends are not blind moves towards laissez-faire, but the product of many countervailing forces in the local society.
25. The unyielding criticism from those who opposed stimulus from the get-go — laissez-faire economists, Congressional Republicans, German leaders — plays a role, too.
26. Naturally, Murphy devotes considerable attention to the interventionist program of Herbert Hoover, the president whom most Americans, if they have heard of him at all, associate with laissez-faire.
27. However, the findings are a reminder of why now — more than ever — we must refuse to succumb to political apathy and laissez-faire demagoguery.
28. B y the beginning of the next decade the United States had gone from a laissez-faire economy that oversaw its own conduct to an economy regulated by the federal government.
29. The power and prestige of neo-liberal theory no longer exist, the "Washington Consensus" has lost its reputation, the American laissez-faire capitalism was forced into self-reflection.
30. But these firms would still do better overall than under a policy of laissez-faire.
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