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Labyrinth in a sentence

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Synonym: complexmazetangleSimilar words: printin thatin the wayin the endin the airin the darkin the way ofin the pastMeaning: ['læbərɪnθ]  n. 1. complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost 2. a complex system of interconnecting cavities; concerned with hearing and equilibrium. 
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1. We lost our way in the labyrinth of streets.
2. The old building was a labyrinth of dark corridors.
3. Finally, through a labyrinth of corridors she found his office.
4. I zigzagged down a labyrinth of alleys.
5. He wandered through the labyrinth of the alleyways.
6. He was no stranger to the labyrinth of love.
7. Decisions are frequently delayed in the labyrinth of Whitehall committees.
8. Each quadrant of the labyrinth comprises four main meanders.
9. The little car rushed on into the dismal labyrinth.
10. This place is like a labyrinth, she thought with a sudden shiver, as yet another door opened in front of her.
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11. Pakeezah offered to lead me back through the labyrinth of Daryaganj to the Faiz Bazaar.
12. He found himself in enormous buildings, with a labyrinth of rooms, and he was lost in the pile.
13. This themed experience is set in a labyrinth of passages, caverns and secret chambers, 60 feet below ground!
14. The Labyrinth at Knossos is generally recognized to have been one of the greatest architectural achievements of the ancient world.
15. Inside appeared a dark labyrinth of ravaged shelves behind plate glass still festooned with the posters advertising special Christmas bargains.
16. The head vein is dotted, the labyrinth of the inner ear is black.
17. It is not difficult to construct your own labyrinth, either in stones or cut into your lawn.
18. In fact, they say, he hid in the labyrinth of coal pits beside the river in the park.
19. The Knossos Labyrinth was exceptional in its size and complexity, but there was a strong family likeness among the Minoan temples.
20. How could she find her way through the labyrinth in the rock?
21. The badger sett had twelve entrances to what must have been a labyrinth of tunnels.
22. July 1 Market Testing - Charting a course through the legal labyrinth.
23. The mine became one of the circles of Dante's Inferno, a London tube, a heaving labyrinth.
24. They are all designed by a human programmer, and so is the geography of the labyrinth.
25. In truth the government of Danzig had become a labyrinth sown with pits for the unwary.
26. They left the Grand Canal behind them and glided through a labyrinth of quieter waterways.
27. Perhaps I just got irritated from trying to make all the bits fit together and find the thread through the labyrinth.
28. Unlike such symbols as the cross or spiral, the labyrinth seems too complicated to appear independently in different cultures.
29. Those who were to be sacrificed would be driven into the labyrinth and locked in.
30. Ipuky's confession had lit a bright torch in the dark labyrinth of his investigation.
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