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Kinetic energy in a sentence

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Similar words: genetic engineeringenergetickineticenergysolar energynuclear energybiomass energygeothermal energyMeaning: n. the mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of its motion. 
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1. These are kinetic energy and potential energy.
2. This tiny rock carries enough kinetic energy to produce an explosion equivalent to several thousand tons of high explosives.
3. It is a measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in a system.
4. The kinetic energy lost by a body of mass m rising through the same distance is remarkably similar:.
5. In the first case they had enough kinetic energy to make it; in the second case they did not.
6. We know that kinetic energy increases as length raised to the fifth power.
7. All this is achieved by kinetic energy - the shell contains no explosives.
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. Velocity is important. Kinetic energy frees the brain and confuses the enemy.
9. The kinetic energy, or energy of motion, of the ship has been exchanged for strain energy in the rope.
10. In other words mammals and living creatures generate kinetic energy and heat when food is burnt in respiration.
11. At Eschede the almost instantaneous dissipation of kinetic energy was bound to cause massive damage.
12. Each fragment's immense kinetic energy was transform into heat.
13. Erin burns calories mainly through kinetic energy.
14. Notice that not all mechanical energy is kinetic energy.
15. The nonrelativistic formula underestimates the kinetic energy.
16. Potential energy is convertible to kinetic energy.
17. Kinetic energy is a scalar property of motion.
18. Both the momentum and kinetic energy of the first are completely transferred to the second.
19. The relativistic kinetic energy diverges completely from the Newtonian formula.
20. Rocket engineers speak loosely of thermal energy being converted into kinetic energy in the engine bell.
21. Meteor Crater in Arizona was excavated 10 4 yr ago by an iron object with a kinetic energy of 15Mton.
22. Impact explosions begin with the nearly instantaneous conversion of the kinetic energy of motion of the impactor into heat.
23. Then a flaring swish as its propellant ignited, accelerating it helter-skelter accumulating redoubtable kinetic energy.
24. A flywheel will be added to the system next year to store kinetic energy lost by braking.
25. Rapidly the temperature climbed to 5000 C as friction with the atmosphere turned the kinetic energy of the craft into heat.
26. The two comets are entirely ablated, whereas the stony objects lose most of their kinetic energy to deceleration, not ablation.
27. Atmospheric entry of the bolide A cosmic object entering the atmosphere loses its kinetic energy through deceleration and ablation.
28. For gravitational energy is negative, while rest mass and kinetic energy are positive.
29. For a compound particle, the constituents ' rest mass and also their kinetic energy of motion and potential energy of interactions contribute to the particle's total mass.
30. Many of these appear to be fairly uniform, so by the virial theorem the total kinetic energy should be half the total gravitational binding energy of the galaxies.
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