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Isopropyl in a sentence

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1. Keep isopropyl alcohol away from open flame.
2. Small bottle or individual swabs of isopropyl alcohol.
3. This article refers to the synthesis of methyl isopropyl ketone using isobutylaldehyde - acetic acid as raw materials.
4. The principle and condition of synthesis Isopropyl benzoate with catalyst of ferric chloride was researched.
5. Floatation experiment in Wushan Copper Mine shows that isopropyl xanthogen ethyl formate has higher recovery ratio and higher copper grade than xanthate when they are used as copper sulfide collector.
6. Ketoprofen isopropyl ester was hydrolyzed into ketoprofen when penetrated through the cultured skin, which resembled in the skin cell homogenates metabolism.
7. The organic solvent adopts methanol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, the thiolation agent adopts sodium hydrosulfide, sodium sulfide and thiourea.
8. With boronic acid SA, we synthesized isopropyl salicylate and optimized the esterification process conditions.
9. Isopropyl alcohol ( IPA ) was used as the solvent to extract low temperature pressed Perilla seed cake.
10. Under the optimum condition the yield of isopropyl cyclopropane carboxylate is 92 %.
11. The inhibitive action of isopropyl amine, n-butyl amine and n-octyl amine on aluminium corrosion in hydrochloric acid solutions was studied using mass loss technique.
12. However when the solvent is isopropyl alcohol or non polar solvent the decomposition value of monocrotophos is about 5% in the same condition.
13. Pancreatin was extracted from pig pancreas using isopropyl alcohol as solvent and chitosan as precipitant.
14. Product Name: Tetra - isopropyl Titanate Other Name : Tetra - isopropoxytitanium Chemical structural formula : Property: Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid.
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15. Use, such as isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone, or alcohol solvent remove residual sealant.
16. Methods: In the presence of hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, geranyl sulfone was prepared from geraniol in isopropyl alcohol or THF under reflux conditions for 18 h or 28 h, respectively.
17. Attapulgite was modified by titanate coupling agent NDZ 311 in isopropyl alcohol by means of ultrasonic dispersion.
18. Ingredients : France isotonic hot spring water, hyaluronic acid, white mulberry extract, cucumber extract, isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, glycerol etc.
19. The catalyst could also be used to catalyze esterification of alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, n-butyl alcohol and n-pentyl alcohol with hexoic acid.
20. Ingredients :France isotonic hot spring water, hyaluronic acid, papaya whitening essence, VC, VE, glucoside, stearic acid, plant squalene, palmitic acid, isopropyl, amino acids, peptides etc.
21. Compared with the activity of sodium methoxide, sodium ethoxide, sodium isopropyl, sodium tert-butoxide, The best base catalyst was sodium tert-butoxide.
22. Heavy calcium carbonate(HCC) was modified by titanate coupling agent NDZ-311 in isopropyl alcohol by means of ultrasonic dispersion, the activation index was up to 98.
23. Objective:To estimate the feasibility of continuous target controlled infusion of isopropyl hydroxy-benzene in compound epidural block of epigastrium operation.
24. The mutagen precursors in shrimp sauce were extracted with isopropyl alcohol and acetone. Crude extracts No. 5 and No. 6 had obtained.
25. Results showed that the penetration effect of betamethasone patches could be improved obviously with the co-effect of 20% mono-laurin, 6% isopropyl myristate and 10% oleic acid.
26. In the workplace, their mothers had come into contact with such solvents as toluene, xylene, mineral spirits, isopropyl alcohol and trichloroethylene.
27. Ten of them were identified. They are ethylene, propylene, isobutane, cyclobutane, three isomeric butenes, methyl ethyl ether, ethyl isopropyl ether, and ethyl acetate.
28. The catalyst could also be used to catalyze esterification of acetic acid and hexoic acid with isopropyl alcohol and hexoic acid...
29. The conditions and results of the reaction of diketene with isopropyl alcohol in the presence of different catalysts are discussed and some experimental data are provided.
30. Total 107 components including isomers were identified by GC-MS in the liquid product. The main reaction products were dipolymer of styrene, isopropyl benzene and dipolymer ofp-methyl styrene.
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