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Instantaneously in a sentence

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Sentence count:59+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-05-10Updated:2017-05-10
Similar words: instantaneousspontaneouslysimultaneouslyspontaneoussubcutaneoussimultaneousinstantinstantlyMeaning: [‚ɪnstən'teɪnɪəslɪ]  adv. without any delay. 
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1. An instantaneously absorbed dose of five grays would prove fatal within the space of two weeks.
2. Airbags inflate instantaneously on impact.
3. Wooden bridges and buildings were instantaneously smashed to bits.
4. It senses the danger and almost instantaneously cuts off the power with a speed of reaction which can prevent a tragedy occurring.
5. It almost instantaneously cuts off the power, and can prevent a tragedy occurring.
6. Fifty fishermen are killed instantaneously by the blast.
7. The F attachment can be switched in instantaneously by a valve operated by the left thumb.
8. Instantaneously all the Buddhalands in the ten directions quaked in six ways.
9. A photographic camera flash can instantaneously triggers the de-oxygenation reaction of graphite oxide by photothermal heating. The product is conducting, graphene-like material as...
10. In a crash, momentum changes abruptly but not instantaneously.
11. With ADS-B, velocity changes are broadcast almost instantaneously as part of the State Vector report.
12. E-mail provides a way of sending person-to-person messages almost instantaneously.
13. Once the cargo has been shipped, insurance can be covered instantaneously.
14. The semi-strong form suggests that all publicly available information is fully and instantaneously reflected in share prices.
15. The same console will enable the teacher to retrieve data or generate more meaningful reports almost instantaneously.
16. If healing loss is sudden, and it is severe or total, the withdrawal of this background information happens instantaneously.
17. An introductory note says that she used to read prayers very slowly with frequent pauses, which led almost instantaneously to prayer.
18. In his original model McKenzie assumed, for ease of calculation, that the lithosphere is stretched instantaneously.
19. In use, the card acts just like a disk drive but it responds instantaneously.
20. A second reason for isostatic anomalies is that the lithosphere is not capable of adjusting instantaneously to a change in load.
21. He was like a swimmer who did not scrutinize the water but dove in instantaneously.
22. Whereupon those High Masters - the self-proclaimed servants of the Emperor - could control the entire human species galaxy-wide, almost instantaneously.
23. If this emission takes place it triggers the breaking of a vial of poison gas which instantaneously kills the cat.
24. He drew every spoke in the wheels, and the whole affair looked as if it had been instantaneously petrified or arrested.
25. Another consequence of the finite phase winding inductance is that the phase current can not be switched off instantaneously.
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26. So the energetic quark quickly rips more quarks and antiquarks out of the vacuum of empty space, and they instantaneously form particles called mesons, each containing a quark and an antiquark.
27. With electronic scanning, the radar beams are positioned almost instantaneously and completely without the inertia, time lags, and vibration of mechanical systems.
28. A new method of switching on parallel medium resistance to select the fault line instantaneously when the single-phase earth fault occurs in the arc suppression coil grounded system is proposed.
29. The combustion of the mixture does not take place instantaneously.
30. This paper introduces the design and application of 64 route data acquistion system, It can apply to the interrelated data acquisition and carry out instantaneously compare to every panel signal.
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