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Insensitive in a sentence

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Similar words: sensitivesensitivityinsensibleinsensiblypositivepositivelyinquisitivesenseMeaning: [ɪn'sensətɪv] adj. 1. not responsive to physical stimuli 2. deficient in human sensibility; not mentally or morally sensitive. 
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1. I don't want to be thought insensitive, but I do think we should go ahead despite the accident.
2. I feel my husband is very insensitive about my problem.
3. She's completely insensitive to my feelings.
4. It was rather insensitive of you to mention his dead wife.
5. One insensitive official insisted on seeing her husband's death certificate.
6. It was a bit insensitive of Fiona to go on so much about fat people when she knows Mandy is desperate to lose weight.
7. She said insensitive things to the overweight woman.
8. Companies that are insensitive to global changes will lose sales.
9. He denied the announcement was clumsy and insensitive.
10. The staff at the consulate seemed not only insensitive, but professionally inadequate.
11. He had become insensitive to cold.
12. The police have been criticized for being insensitive to complaints from the public.
13. She's totally insensitive to Jack's feelings.
14. It bothers me that he can be so insensitive.
15. His insensitive remarks hurt and she reacted accordingly.
16. Women's and Latino organizations that say he is insensitive to civil rights.
17. He seems completely insensitive to criticism.
18. The service is insensitive to the needs of local people.
19. His feet seem to be insensitive to pain.
20. He's the sort of insensitive bully who enjoys throwing his weight around.
21. He was insensitive to her grief.
22. The insensitive remarks will poison the relationship between the two superpowers.
23. The machine is relatively insensitive to changes in the atmosphere.
24. He may be selfish and insensitive[], but she is a bit of a doormat.
25. The protective covering must be insensitive to light and
26. The government seems totally insensitive to the mood of the country.
27. I was annoyed by his insensitive remarks.
28. She was highly critical of the insensitive and peremptory way in which the cases had been handled.
29. The article seemed somewhat insensitive and ageist to me.
30. Years of abuse at boarding school had made him insensitive to others' suffering.
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