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Indiscreet in a sentence

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Synonym: ill-advisedimprudentunreasonableunsoundunwiseAntonym: discreetSimilar words: discreetindiscretionindiscriminateindiscriminatelydiscretediscreditdiscretiondiscrepancyMeaning: [‚ɪndɪ'skrɪːt]  adj. lacking discretion; injudicious. 
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1. Don't tell her any secrets; she's so indiscreet.
2. An indiscreet remark triggered off a long and costly strike.
3. In an indiscreet moment, the president let his genuine opinions be known.
4. We've been too indiscreet, to say the least.
5. She rapped the Minister publicly for his indiscreet remarks.
6. How could he be so indiscreet?
7. It was indiscreet of him to disclose that information.
8. He is notoriously indiscreet about his private life.
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9. They have been rather indiscreet about their affair.
10. There was an embarrassing silence after her indiscreet remark but she was able to laugh it off.
11. It was very indiscreet of Colin to tell them about our plan.
12. Tom was utterly indiscreet, and could never keep a secret.
13. Rosa was embarrassed: it was remarkably indiscreet behaviour with his wife and daughter present.
14. Had he been indiscreet in what he had said?
15. It was indiscreet of her to say that.
16. Even the Japanese dissent indiscreet ways.
17. He talks volubly with indiscreet remarks and criticisms.
18. Alcohol made me sharp-tongued, indiscreet, insensitive, belligerent, and sleepy.
19. The bumpkin herself made indiscreet remarks to her countrymen.
20. He seems to have been very indiscreet about my happy Christmas'sayings.
21. Hughes was barraged with phone calls from friends who were furious at the indiscreet disclosures.
22. It could inflict untold damage if he were to break that trust and be indiscreet.
23. This was no hardship, for he was marvellously outspoken and indiscreet about many things.
24. Her mum would never had done anything so untidy or indiscreet, and she'd been a Tory all her life.
25. Zsa Zsa was enchanting - whatever I said to her, she'd just giggle and become even more indiscreet.
26. I wouldn't trust him with anything personal - he can be very indiscreet.
27. I did hear them talking about sales figures but it would be indiscreet of me to say any more.
28. Last July, in peak form, pirouetting on his toes and gesticulating wildly, he was wickedly funny and amazingly indiscreet.
29. Eleanor, on the other hand, was said to be beautiful and lively; she was certainly headstrong and indiscreet.
30. They have a tendency to be a bit too loud, too indiscreet, for certain company.
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